Lord James. The LIBOR Scandal. White Hats Report

Gillian writes –

Hi Tap,
The White Hats latest report has just showed up on YT.  I’m not quite sure how to evaluate it, tbh.    
The video is clearly aimed at Lord Strathclyde and mentions the ignoring of Lord James’ attempts to get an inquiry set-up into that 
15 trillion $ that was laundered (perhaps) through the UK Banks that Lord J mentioned in his speech in the HoL some time ago. 

It also mentions the latest Libor scandal.  The video is about 11 minutes in length and I found it interesting.  The title of it is:  
‘July 1, 2012 — The White Hats Report * 43’   

TAP –  The LIBOR scandal is a joke.  They always manipulate all prices in all markets.  That’s what cartels do.  Making out price manipulation is something unusual is the con.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, so these lot have commited an act of fraud, I’m sure it is a criminal offence, why havent they all been arrested, and I mean all of them, and every single one of their assets seized under the proceeds of crime act and all cautioned, their businessess taken over totally and an audit been ordered?? Looks like they have been commiting the greatest ponzi racketeering act of all time. It also looks like if they have every single credit agreement should be deaclared null and void as any further payments on them would support a criminal act. ( Just a thought, I know it will probably never happen 😉 )

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Anon 3.42 has nearly hit the nail on the head.
    What if the Elite were to engineer the events, this would give them a killing.
    This would give them a bite of both apples.
    The Freemasons will make sure that the truth never reaches the light of day.
    We will never find out who made the money out of strange events.
    What’s stranger than building 7 falling down faster than freefall speed.
    What’s stranger than a new aircraft running into a hillside.

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