Jim Corr’s New World Order Introduction

    The architect of the United Nations ‘sustainability’ agenda.
sent in by Gordon
The New World Order: An Introduction
Saturday, July 28, 2012 11:01
You may have noticed senior politicians, and others, speak of a
“New World Order”. This article summarizes the origins and
of the New World Order plan.
For thousands of years powerful groups have attempted to create 
and have dreamt of ruling the whole world. Large, long-lived empires,
on increasingly subtle techniques ofpopulation control and warfare.
Today’s Anglo-American empire controls most of the world, whilst
pretending to promote freedom and democracy. As our privacy and 
freedoms are reduced
every year, we are moving rapidly towards a global dictatorship, which
elite refer to as a “New World Order”, or “global governance”.
Astronomical “carbon (dioxide) taxes” are intended to fund this world
government. Indeed, the Club Of Rome think-tank, has boasted that it
invented the idea of man-made global warming specifically to promote
global governance. “Man-made climate change” was finally exposed as a
massive fraud
by the leaked “climategate” emails .
Funding aside, how is the New World Order (N.W.O.) being introduced? 
Firstly, governments carry out terror attacks, such as 9/11 and 7/7, which 
they blame 
on their opponents, and use to justify police state powers and wars of aggression/conquest. The “Operation Gladio” bombings in Italy, are a 
example of this “false flag state terrorism“.
The elite also have “weather weapons” and earthquake generating 
technology, including HAARP. There is strong evidence that governments 
had prior knowledge
of several major earthquakes. False flag “natural” disasters can also 
 key economic and political objectives.
Staged events are often marked by occult numerology: 9 = end 
(of the era), 
11 = sacrifice and death. Note anniversaries and intervals also – 
the Fukushima earthquake occurred 7 years after the Madrid Bombings, 
and there were
911 days between 9/11 and Madrid. The Tucson Shootings (1/8/2011
place 2011 days after the 7/7/2005 (777) London Bombings.
Secondly, the oligarchs distract us with popular culture: television, 
sport, movies, newspapers etc. Much of it contains establishment 
Most of the featured political leaders, are puppets of the global elite, 
organizations such as the Bilderberg Group.
Political opponents of the establishment cabal, are threatened, and
assassinatedPlane crashes (sabotage), fake suicides, and subtle 
poisoning, are preferred methods.
Shootings, involving mind controlled assassins, are used to kill 
famous targets,
and for staged “gun control massacres”.  Gun bans preceded genocide
in Russia, Germany, and China, etc.
A third strategy for control, is to reduce our mental abilities with 
including fluoride,mercury, and aspartame. These are added to 
food, water, toothpaste, and especially vaccines. Adual water pipeline 
system, with remote controlled mixing valves, enables selective targeting. 
Also, educational 
standards have been deliberately lowered, as described here.
Regarding vaccination , autism is extremely rare in unvaccinated 
Many other common diseases are strongly connected to vaccination
include allergies and cancer. The pharmaceutical companies get rich 
treating conditions that they have created.
Many highly effective, safe, and inexpensive, natural treatments for 
diseases, are suppressed by highly corrupt drugs companies, partly 
for obvious 
financial reasons.
General illness, as well as brain damage, makes people less willing and
able to
resist the N.W.O. plan. Elitist Bertrand Russell stated in 1953, that
would be made passive via “diet, INJECTIONS, and injunctions”.
The ruling psychopaths, or “pathocracy”, even spray us with aluminium ,
barium, and biological agents. Ordinary jet plane condensation trails 
evaporate. However, the poisonous“chemtrails”, sprayed mainly by large 
military jet planes, spread out and remain visible for hours.
These numerous toxins have helped to reduce fertility by 85 percent in 
Western World. G.M.O. “food” has also been shown to greatly reduce 
and general health, in animal studies. It is banned from the canteen of 
largest producer of G.M.O. seeds, Monsanto.
The pathocracy is aiming for a global population of less than 500 million 
servile people.“Memorandum 200”“The Georgia Guidestones”, and the 
Club Of 
Rome’s “Goals For Mankind” document, discuss this depopulation agenda.
Who are the biggest drug barons? Is it an accident that N.A.T.O. troops are 
guarding record opium crops in Afghanistan? Some clues – CIA drugs, Skull 
And Bones Society opium.
Why are most people unaware of the above? Establishment controlled news 
outlets, and education systems, are designed to keep us ignorant. The 
C.I.A.’s “Operation Mockingbird” is a clear example of media manipulation.
However, the internet, has allowed millions of people to uncover the truth.
Therefore, Globalistspublish scare stories about the web, and intend to 
restrict access to it, via an “Internet2”.
The “New World Order” plan is a vast subject and this summary merely
scratches the surface. Thelegal, financial, and religious practices of the 
elite, are just as shocking as the above. It is important to move beyond
 Wikipedia, when investigating controversial topics.
If you wish to educate yourself rapidly, http://globalistagenda.org/ , is a 
good place to start. YouTube has many videos about the topics mentioned 
above. Also, the documentaries “7/7 Ludicrous Diversion” (27m), and
“Wake Up Call” (2h:29m), are particularly informative.
Please regard this summary as a final wake up call, and spread it far and
You can resist the N.W.O. plan in various ways, including non-cooperation, 
and boycotts/strikes.
George Orwell (Eric Blair) was not a prophet, he was an establishment
who knew what wasplanned for mankind. His book “1984”, was more than 
haunting fiction, it was a crucial warning: the state terrorism, surveillance, 
and endless wars, that 1984 describes, have arrived.
Indeed, today’s “surveillance society”, is the basis of Orwell’s “Big Brother
society”. Laws allowing prolonged detention without trial, and restricting
access to jury trials, are also necessary preparations for a police state.
To quote David Rockefeller:-
 “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right
major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
Jim Corr – Musician and activist.

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    Our own MPs already have a group set up for one world governance.


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