Is Work Fun Or Drudgery?

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Why do people work in environments which are not fun? I wouldn’t last a day in an office where there was not fun and laughter. Would you?

what’s your workplace like?

I notice a lot of lonely people in England after returning from the Philippines.  Mostly they don’t work, and are desperate for someone to talk to.  You need a job to get company, in the UK, let alone money.

In the Philippines, there is no such problem.  There is the family, the community as well as work for some.  In the UK, the community and family structures provide minimal support.  TV and ambition have taken over. 

Is it better to live in a rich country or a poor one?

I depends.  But for many, living in a poor country with support from a community would be much happier than their lonely lives in England.  Maybe that’s why I went to the Philippines to find a wife, and still I love living there, although we are now back in the UK working.  If you have money, you lead a very easy life surrounded by people, and never alone in the Philippines.  If you’re not so wealthy, you still have a life surrounded by people.

Running a business on the other hand, is very frustrating in the Philippines.  The tendency for the locals is to see a foreigner as easy money and take a ride on you.  The answer – Work in the UK.  Live in the Philippines.  Problem.  You can’t!!  Work is a lot more exciting in the UK.
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2 Responses to “Is Work Fun Or Drudgery?”

  1. Twig says:

    Trouble is that in the UK the government take a large chunk of your earnings and give it to someone else who doesn’t work. In other words something for nothing.

    In the Phils that other person would have to clean your car or your house to get the money. In other words nothing for nothing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Who would want to be an actor.
    Have you noticed that whilst Breivik was on trial, Julian Assange was in hiding up in the Ecuadorian Embassy.
    The man who looks in ears, says, the recent Shooting of children in America was a paid for, DRILL.
    For some reason they wish to take away the Right of American’s to bear arms.
    Why would they want to do that?
    Why do all the actors, come from the same part of America, could it happen, by chance.
    Why was it presented on our TV, as fact, without proper investigation.

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