How Summer Is Engineered Into Winter

For those who don’t have time to look up at what is happening above our heads, here are chemtrails.  They block out the sun, and make our summers cold.  These are not the usual contrails produced by aviation, which last a while then disperse.  These spread out and create clouds that hang around.  The sky is no longer as it was.  The government says nothing.  Your heating bills rise, and your health isn’t what it should be either.

The warmists have found the perfect next step.  Warming failed.  Now they’re cooling us down.  When we notice the ice hanging off the trees and the intense cold,  we will be told it’s climate change caused by our own output of CO2.

It’s bullshit.  Look up and watch them at it every day.  Then you will see what kind of world we live in, with your own eyes.

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5 Responses to “How Summer Is Engineered Into Winter”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent article Tap. Great Images. I’ve shared with all my facebook friends. Recommend Everyone else does too !

  2. Paul says:

    Could this be the start of them trying to collect what they see as political dissidents. Its a tried and tested historical model and has worked for some in the past, it’s also failed, but the population in the UK has on the whole been castrated of its will to resist authority apart from the odd undirected and provocatured riot usually.

    Time will tell, watch your door for the boots of authority though, coming to a street near you, soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    GOD as times are doomed maybe the best place for a stress free life IS Prison a personal room, food delivered & 24/7 TV or WWWeb “4TAP” all i have to do is kill some one any ideas?

    Sorry simply stop paying my Council tax now.

    I know the council can be the most vicious when chasing these Taxes.


    When i engineer my arrest i will make it clear all i want is to be given the expected holiday camp prison experiance & please process me quickly to my room & please don’t stop working all hours to ensure my undisturbed experiance & comfort. also please expect my many friends to follow & bankers.

    how much does it cost nower days to house a criminal? some £50,000.00 PA!!? good game.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, They are still Chemtrailing heavy at night in the Doncaster area.
    In the mornings there are clouds in the trail type strips, the sun appears about 4 in the afternoon.
    Last week our cars were covered in fine gray dust, with a strange smell in the air like ammonia.
    People are having flu like symptoms again.

  5. Julia says:

    HETT, you are out of date on prisons. You will be forced to work as slave labour, possibly arms manufacture. Look up how prisons and corporations are making profits out of prisoners and how this profit gives an incentive to make more things criminal and send more people to prison.

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