Harold WIlson Spied For The Isrealis


“Two Dinners” Lord Goodman

The death of Lord Archer of Sandwell on June 14 2012 allows me to tell the following story.
As I remember it, Peter Kingsley Archer was a bright jovial  humanitarian and was noticed by Soviet recruiters while studying at the London School of Economics. 

Whenever an outsider is parachuted in to a political constituency it usually bears sinister connotations, we saw this recently with Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Ed Miliband etc. In 1964 Peter Archer was parachuted into the safe Labour seat of Rowley Regis and Tipton, and combined a busy law practise with being Parliamentary private secretary to Attorney General Sir Elwyn Jones. Archer a Rothschild man, always promoted the one world government, one world army and one world currency philosophy, and the main Rothschilds gofer at that time was the clever cunning and talented Lord Goodman, Goodman was called “two dinners ” Goodman from his habit of entering posh London restaurants and ordering a meal and saying “give me exactly the same meal in precisely 7 minutes time”. In the mid-80s the British Labour party had secretly caved in to US pressure to a united Ireland ruled by the South within NATO, the US had plans for a huge naval and missile base in the South, and a mass breakout of I.R.A. men from the Maze prison in 1984, saw Lord Goodman dictating to Peter Archer the strategies wanted by Rothschild, there is some hearsay evidence that the IRA killers  were actually let out under US pressure.
Again it was Archer acting under orders from Lord Goodman to issue an application for the arrest warrant for his freind John Stonehouse on fraud charges, Stonehouse had faked his death to escape the fact he was being blackmailed by Czech intelligence for the Soviets, Lord Goodman was then heard on his private telephone to say the racist slogan, “goyishe kup” Jewish for the cattle are stupid, but perhaps it was Archers dirtiest deed that he agreed to Rothschilds plan put forward by Lord Goodman in 1987 to urge action against 250 wartime German ex-soldiers now living in the UK and charge them with being accessories to war crimes, all ordinary German soldiers from the war now faced prosecution, and In 1998 under pressure from Lord Goodman and the Jewish lobby
£25 million was then awarded to Jews many of whom had nothing to do with W W II.
Newspaper chains and TV channels owned and influenced by Jews Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch kept up a constant barrage of hate against Germans 60 odd years after the end of W W II, using such boastful racist language as “Nazi hunters” was regularly bandied about in the press. 

It was Lord Goodman and Peter Archer who helped negotiate the acquittal of Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe in 1979 in Operation Arundel, Thorpe had already been compromised by foreign intel for his debauched sexual tastes, Operation Arundel and operation Ore linked Thorpe with Sir Anthony Blunt and Tom Driberg with various people at the top of pop music with the sexual abuse of boys in care homes, this was later concealed by children’s minister Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer ), and during the whole Thorpe fiasco, no security file was looked at more than that of Peter Archer, whenever a file is taken out a signature must be given and there were several people monitoring Archer at this time. 

Lord Goodman was known for his people handling and manipulating skills, and he was Mr. Fixer to the wealthy Jews that surrounded and funded the office of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who secretly gave restricted nuclear info, expertise and plutonium to Israel, Montague Meyer then gave Wilson a consultancy which gave him the excuse for frequent trips to Moscow and Eastern Europe.

The intelligence historian and official mouthpiece Christopher Andrew claims no file was ever taken out on Wilson, but in 1945 at the end of the war an RCI was taken out, (Registry Central Index) file on Norman John Worthington, the code for Harold Wilson, this was kept up at least until he left office, both his home and his office were bugged. On one occasion his home was entered and his personal files read, both his close colleagues Dennis Healey and Lord George Brown were intel informants, so serious was the threat seen to Britain of those allowed to surround Wilson.

It has long been contended that Wilson may have been another Soviet spy, but with the death of Lord Archer, we can surmise that the spying was for Israel, or maybe both?
The labour friends of Israel has always been a powerful pressure group, but why should a British political party work for another country apart from its own?
Shakespeare; “even the devil crossed himself when he gave man politics”
Note: Lord Peter Archer must not be confused with the Tory Lord Jeffrey Archer

T Stokes London 

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