GM Food Effects Hidden By Media

Dr Mercola writes –

Syngenta Charged for Covering up Livestock Deaths from GE Corn

Over the years, genetically engineered crops have proven disastrous for animals, although the conventional media has done a remarkable job of keeping such details from the public. Most recently, the Swiss biotech company Syngenta had criminal charges filed against it by a German farmer. Sixty-five of his cows died after he fed them Syngenta’s genetically modified Bt corn. He alleges the company not only knew the corn could be lethal to livestock, but was also covering up deaths that occurred during clinical trials.
According to a recent press release by GM Watchvii, the lawsuit asserts that Syngenta committed a grave criminal offense by deliberately withholding the results of a feeding trial in which four cows died in two days. The deaths prompted the company to halt the test. No health problems or deaths were reported in the control group, which was not fed the genetically engineered Bt 176 corn.
Other health ramifications from the Bt 176 corn have also been found. In April 2004, Spain banned Syngenta’s Bt 176 corn on the grounds that it may confer resistance to the antibiotic ampicillinviii. As of December that same year, the EU decided to prohibit genetically engineered crops with antibiotic resistance genes, and cultivation of Bt 176 crops were subsequently discontinued in the EU in 2007. However, similar varieties, such as Bt 11 sweet cornix are still cultivated for both animal and human consumption…

The Health Effects of GE Feed on Livestock

As reported by Institute of Science in Societyx, mysterious animal deaths are not limited to Syngenta’s Bt 176 corn. Thousands of livestock deaths have been reported across India as a result of grazing on genetically engineered Bt cotton, for example.
“Shepherds’ own observations and post-mortem analysis carried out in the laboratory revealed abnormal liver, enlarged bile ducts and black patches in the intestine. The shepherds said that the sheep became “dull/depressed” after 2-3 days of grazing, started coughing with nasal discharge and developed red lesions in the mouth, became bloated and suffered blackish diarrhea, and sometimes passed red urine.
Death occurred within 5-7 days of grazing. Sheep from young lambs to adults of 1.5-2 years were affected.
One shepherd reported getting diarrhea from eating the meat of an affected sheep. The vets declared that the toxicity could be due to the Bt toxin but this could not be proven as results were confounded by additional pesticides used on the fields. The shepherds were however, advised against letting the sheep graze on any more Bt cotton plants,” Institute of Science in Society writesxi.
The Philippines have also reported cases of villagers suffering health effects from surrounding Bt crop fields. In 2006, the blood of 38 individuals was analyzed and all tested positive for antibodies specific to Cry1Ab, suggesting an immune reaction to the Bt toxinxii.

GE Crops Seriously Threatens Reproductive Health

According to Dr. Don Huber, an expert on the toxicity of genetically engineered plants, a new organism linked to GE crops appears to be the cause of high reproductive failure in livestock. The organism was initially identified by veterinarians around 1998—about two years after the introduction of Roundup Ready soybeans, which is one of the staple feeds. The vets were puzzled by sudden rates of miscarriages. While sporadic at first, the phenomenon has continued to increase in severity.
In an interview last year, Dr. Huber stated:
“We [recently] received a call from a county extension educator, indicating that he has a dairy that has a 70 percent [spontaneous] abortion rate. You put that on top of 10 to 15 percent of infertility to start with, and you’re not going to have a dairy very long. In fact, a lot of our veterinarians are now becoming very concerned about the prospects for being able to have replacement animals.”
According to a recent report by the European GM Watchxiii, Russian scientists have also jumped into the fray, proving the existence of “very serious health risks for animals given genetically modified (GM) feed.” This announcement was reportedly made during a press conference of the National Association for Genetic Security (NAGS). As a result of the findings, the Russian Parliament is considering a new veterinary law, which could potentially include a ban on genetically engineered animal feed.
“According to the authors; a number of pathological changes were discovered in the experimental animals that consumed the GM feed,” GM Watch reports. “A delay in development and growth was detected, plus a distortion of the sex ratio in breeds with an increase in the proportion of females, reducing the number of pups per litter, up to their complete lack in the second and third generation…
According to the President of NAGS Alexander Baranov, the main negative impact of GM feed, which was discovered during the investigation, is a “ban on reproduction,” making it almost impossible to obtain third-generation animals.”The results of our study confirmed the findings of European scientists who pointed out the negative impact on the health of animals from the GM ingredients in feed of animals,” Baranov, said. “We used soybean meal, which is widely used in Russia for fattening livestock. Soya of the line 40-3-2, contained in extracted meal, which is allowed in Russia. It is also for use in human food.” he added.”

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  1. Paul says:

    The hidden GMO time bomb could be the real hidden population control time bomb. We all know that nutritionally most food is getting worse and worse, but what if, hidden in plain view, each crop has a hidden ticking timebomb in it, spreading and infecting other crops to change them as time goes by, with a preprogrammed mutation that will kick in down the line after so many generations of the crop, this would produce the pesticides they have engineered into them at such high levels it would make eating it catastrophic. In such an event the world would be suddenly bereft of food, and so would normal food animals, please see the suydden mutation in the grass that killed them cattle in texas. This is just me rambling on, but looking at tactics available, the fact they want to reduce population and the control they now exert over the food supply and science, it stands to reason that using food as a WMD on this scale would be an option they have examined.

  2. Anonymous says:

    With the Bees disappearing we’ve had our warning.

    all the rest is simply confirmation of the great plan.

    we must be next,

    your family is on the list.

    with this report,

    a report to die for

    the elite sell their souls for lies we simply die leaving the planet for who or what?

    if we are the target the vermin then we are all doomed.


    PS i always thought the microwave & instant food was the pathway to degenerate health. but now they are targeting through GM our core crops.

    this so insidious!! A silent WAR?

    a small list:-
    young feeds
    daily staples (bread milk water etc)
    basic crops foods
    our Financial wellbeing
    undermining of work
    even pensions

    we are all screwed at every stage in life. lambs to the slaughter

    Could you be NEXT? “SHEEPLE”

    The The Georgia Guide-stones say YES

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