FUKUS. Choose Puppet No 1 or Puppet No 2.

Colin sends from Pravda –

The western FUKUS axis insists that officials of the Assad government should be kept out of any new Syrian government.  By what right do they take it upon themselves to circumvent the will of the Syrian people by demanding that their leader and his officials not be part of any “new” Syrian government?  It is for the people of Syria to determine, not some hot dogs in the west.

Clearly the west wishes to set up another farcical election like they did in Libya:  Choose Puppet No. 1 or Puppet No. 2.  Big choice, the Libyan Jamahiriya government was not allowed on that ballot either.

Russia and China alone stand for the right of the people to choose who they wish to lead them.  Russia and China alone stand for dialogue, as opposed to violence, force and blackmail.  

How ludicrous it is for the west to accuse Russia and China of being responsible for the continuing violence when they, the FUKUS axis, are the ones insisting only one side stop the violence (the one clearly and obviously not responsible for it) instead of both sides.

We have an opinion from Russian Middle East analyst Dr Vladimir Isayev:

“Annan’s initiative is good, but lacks detail and clarity. Excluding the Assad side is bound to make things even worse. Including the opposition supposes clarity as to exactly which of the opposition factions are to be included. Giving a say to the radicals who wage a terror campaign is unlikely to be welcomed by the Syrian people.”

The FUKUS axis, with the Gulf GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), has been waging an intense media war against Syria.  Just like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the babies thrown out of incubators…every single time a vote is coming up at the UN or a meeting is about to take place, predictably an incident is set in motion…a “massacre” perpetrated by the terrorists (as the government has done a sterling job of capturing them), while they attempt to blame the Syrian government for said massacres.

It has happened so many times in Syria, just like it did in Libya, that one knows before even examining the evidence that it’s just another attempt to defame, slander and demonize the Syrian government and army, and as many Syrian citizens have told us, “This is impossible that our soldiers would do this.  How could that be because these men are our husbands, our brothers, our sons?” 


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