Flu. Fear The Treatments, Not The Illness.

By Dr. Mercola
H5N1, aka the bird flu, doesn’t spread easily among humans, but its capability to mutate has scientists worrying whether it could mutate enough to cause a human pandemic. According to the featured article in The New York Timesi, a 10-year old Cambodian girl died on May 27 after being infected with the H5N1 a week earlier:
“The girl was the most recent documented victim of the influenza virus H5N1, a strain that has caused 606 known human cases and 357 deaths since it re-emerged in 2003 after a six-year absence.
H5N1 can race through bird populations, and the World Health Organization suspects the girl was infected while preparing chicken for a meal.
While humans are not ideal hosts for H5N1, bird flu viruses do sometimes manage to adapt for easy transmission from human to human, and the results can be devastating. In 1918, one such transformation led to the Spanish flu pandemic, a global outbreak that claimed an estimated 50 million people.”
It’s déjà vu all over again folks, and they’re using the same tired old examples to hype the fear, namely the 1918 Spanish flu. This despite the fact researchers have since questioned the cause of that pandemic, suggesting its lethality may have had more to do with bacterial strep infections than the flu virus itself.

TAP – other sources state that the vaccinations given in the millions in 1918 killed far more than the illness itself.  Those that went to hospital died.  Those that stayed at home untreated lived. 

Déjà vu: One Profitable Flu Hoax After Another…

In recent years we’ve seen a number of hyped flu pandemics that never materialized. While it’s prudent to be aware that a pandemic could occur, what we’ve repeatedly seen is that this slim possibility is massively over-sold, allowing drug companies to rake in billions of dollars for inadequately tested vaccines and other dangerous and/or ineffective anti-viral drugs.
Sadly, each time a greater number of people tend to end up being harmed by the drugs and vaccines than succumb to the alleged “pandemic” virus…
  • The non-existent 1976 swine flu pandemic: In 1976 the U.S. acted out the first swine flu pandemic scare, devising a vaccine program in which five million people were vaccinated. The hastily contrived vaccination program resulted in hundreds of Guillain Barre Syndrome paralysis victims and 25 deaths for a flu pandemic that never actually materialized. Within a few months, claims totaling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims who were permanently disabled from the vaccine, and more people died from the vaccine than from the virus itself.
  • The 2005 bird flu hoax: Headlines warned the U.S. was facing a cataclysmic extermination event, with a calculated two million Americans succumbing to thebird flu. The best case scenario called for the death of 200,000 Americans. Then, as now, constant references to the tragedy of 1918 heightened the fear factor to a fever pitch, despite the fact that the scientific data did not support any of these hyped claims.
  • At that time, they mysteriously translated the minuscule number of deaths of bird handlers that had occurred worldwide into an impending extermination-level event from a virus that did not—and still does not—readily spread from birds to humans, nor between humans.
    Most of the people who acquire the infection were, and still are, bird handlers in continuous contact with sick birds. How anyone in their right mind could envision similar circumstances among the general population of the United States is a mystery, but it goes to show that it’s unwise to throw common sense to the wind…
  • Bird flu hoax repeats: In 2006, 2007, and again in 2008, hyped warnings over the bird flu were repeatedly exposed as little more than a cruel hoax, designed to instill fear and line the pocketbooks of industry and various vested individuals.
  • The 2009 swine flu hoax: After four consecutive years of bird flu warnings that just refused to come to fruition, the H1N1 swine flu became front-page news again. This turned out to be yet another faux threat that cost tax payers billions, and in which hastily concocted vaccines wrought havoc across the world. The 2009 H1N1 vaccine was the most reactive flu vaccine ever created, and just like its 1976 predecessor, it harmed far more people than the virus itself.
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12 Responses to “Flu. Fear The Treatments, Not The Illness.”

  1. Paul says:

    Do some research on vitamin D3, this is more of an effective countermeasure than any of their hocus pocus poison pills and injections. It enables your system to fight off the flu more, you still get them but they give you nothing more than a sniffle. How do I know this, been taking 10,000IU a day since June last year, havent had anything more than a sniffle when all around me have been laid assunder and in bed. And I have a weakened immune system to.

    As I said, do some research and dont take this info as medical advice, but take some responsibility for your own health. Just becasue a doctor has got the piece of paper to say he has attended a course doesnt mean they know everything, they only know what they have been taught and allopathic medicine is great at trauma treatment, but they only have a hammer in their tool kit and nails are not the solution for every job.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Vitamin D comes from sunlight as well doesn’t it? Where do you buy your pills, Paul? Or tonic?

  3. Paul says:

    Yes vitamin D3 comes from sunlight, your skin converts it, 30 mins full body sunlight is equivelent to 10,000IU. As we hardly see it these days I take that ammount to maintain my health.

    I have just been buying Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 50000IU per tablet ones. I have just used Amazon at the moment for the last ones, couldnt get out when I was close to running out. They come in a few days even with the free postage option. They come with a Non-GMO claim as well.

  4. Paul says:

    And thats 5000IU not 50,000IU, finger must have stuck hehe

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Good job you were on the ball, to point out to Dr Mercola that it was the Spanish flu jab that killed all those millions of unsuspecting peaple.
    It must have slipped her mind, but you were on hand to correct the omission.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Aw Shucks. I’m just the editor, Paul. And I don’t sell any products on here. I’m free to tell the truth. Compliment appreciated.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap,

    Good article on Flu.
    Blogers are correct pointing to vitamin D (sunlight)as a preventative means of preventing flu. Not only does vitamin D help prevent cold/flu but recent research proves it to cure breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers.

    Also of interest, as a child from the early fifties I was never inoculated and I believe as a result I have never suffered from any childhood illnesses, nothing. When I was sixteen I contracted flu which laid me low for two weeks, recovered and have had nothing since. Am I just lucky? I think not!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap,

    I had meant to include these links in my post for interested parties.


    Vitamin D protects against colds, flu and viral infections

    Vitamin D prevents heart disease

    Vitamin D Council website

    Is US government setting stage to outlaw Vitamin D like raw milk? Mainstream media attacks nutrition

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036303_vitamin_D_outlawed_nutrition.html#ixzz209IMOu3C

  9. wasp says:

    There are a couple of Flu Links here you missed Tap :-

    Link:- http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/carrying-out-threats-to-iran-will.html

    I must have sent them to wrong article

  10. Ria says:

    They are preventing us from getting our vit d by using chemtrails.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Agreed, Rea. And by cutting access to raw milk.

    Then in the winter spreading flu virus by air?

    Is the Gulf Stream also under attack from the Gulf Oil Spill slowing its flow? The bastards are engineering a freeze, now their global warming scams have collapsed.

    This time they might get the result they want. Who knows?

  12. Paul says:

    I have been thinking that as well tap, the fukashima incident and the gulf incident appear to have attacked the pacific and atlantic oceans respectively. All the chemicals they sprayed on the spill will also be getting churned up and evapourated and taken up into these storms and deposited wherever the rain falls. We haven’t seen the full extent of these “accidents” at the moment, but I am getting more and more wary of what is going on. I think the totally weird weather is alos happening becasue the gulf stream has been effected here in the UK as well.

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