Does Britain Rule The USA?

Hi Tap,       
I have recently ‘discovered’ several videos on YT from a man named Lyndon LaRouche.  I don’t know whether you’ve heard of him or not?  Some of the vids. are of him on the Alex Jones show and others are of him making his own presentations (speeches) some are just audio tapes.  Lyndon LaRouche is almost 90 years of age, but looks and sounds a little younger than that.  Some may say he has a brilliant mind. He is certainly very sharp.  His views are a little different to that of most so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ in that he blames the British Empire for most of the world’s ills, both past and present.  He states that Obama is a puppet of the British Royal family and also that Obama is insane and would be impeachable on that ‘fact’ alone.  Also impeachable for breaking the US constitution and getting the US involved under British orders into illegal wars.       
Actually, his views that the British oligarchy, which he says also rules Wall Street, do tie-in with some views that I recall reading on your blog site some time ago that in reality the British do still ‘run’ the US. He is very interesting to listen to. I’ll try and send you some links to his stuff on YT.  In the meantime I can tell you the title of one of the vids. it is one of a series of five, of Lyndon LaRouch on the Alex Jones Show earlier this year.  It’s entitled:  ‘Nuclear Armageddon if WW3 Starts – Lyndon LaRouche Reports 1/5’  I’d quite like to know what you make of him Tap. i.e. Do you think he may be a ‘barking mad’ extremist or could he possibly be on the right lines?       

I need to watch one of the videos, Gillian.  As I understand it, various elites work in tandem to suppress the world.  They are no doubt predominantly Anglo-Saxon.  When we discuss this we always end up in the interminable debate as to ‘is it the Jesuits of the Jews?’  Or the Vatican?  Or the British monarchy, the Masons, and a host of others.

The Pilgrims were set up at the turn of the last century with the aim of creating a one world government.  The British are still at the helm, with the organisation headed by Queen Elizabeth.  It’s quite a thought as people head off to curtsey and fawn, that she is behind the various campaigns to depopulate the world.  She must at least know about them, and says nothing – fluoride, chemtrails, aspartame, weather ‘modification’, the codex alimentarius.

Joan Veon, a US journalist who died of cancer recently, wrote that Prince Charles is the head of the United Nations environmental programmes.  She believed that he was the real head of world government.  See her book ‘The Sustainable Prince’ in Tap Blog recommended reads.  The Amazon preamble reads –

As a result of covering two dozen United Nations and U.N.-related conferences in the last four years, Joan Veon has come to believe that the connection between the British royal family and the United Nations is not coincidental but provides the way for America to be rejoined with Britain. She states that when the Senate ratified the United Nations Charter, America reverted back under British rule thus fulfilling the goals of Cecil Rhodes, the diamond and gold magnate, who left his fortune to achieve this very goal. What this means is that Prince Charles, as heir to the British throne, has a bigger role to play in world affairs than what people could imagine. She knows that he is a “Renaissance man” and a man with a mission. As a result of his behind-the-scenes role at the United Nations, Prince Charles is responsible for changing the order of life from the biblical perspective of man having dominance over the earth to one in which the earth has dominance over man. One of the major environmental philosophies which runs tantamount to this is that of “sustainable development.” Because of his global orchestrations, she has dubbed Charles “the sustainable prince.” This is a must read for all those who seek to understand the day and the hour and the powers that rule over us.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thermonuclear WAR will happen SUDDENLY (Extinction Level Event) 2012


  2. Tapestry says:

    I doubt it. They won’t nuke the place. They will depopulate it far more subtly – chemtrails, weather weaponry, poisons in water etc

  3. Tapestry says:

    plus tsunamis and earthquakes of nuclear power stations.

  4. Anonymous says:

    All roads lead to Rome – prob. via City of London & Rothschilds, who have been investing the wealth of The Vatican since hush after Napoleonic Wars, when they were officially made keepers of Vatican wealth.
    The Dragon (City of London, look at the statues of dragons everywhere) gives the Beast (a political entity, nation state – The Vatican) power.
    The woman (the apostate, occult, anti-Christos Roman Catholic Church) rides the Beast.
    From Book of Revelation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Constantinople was Rome and is sitting on seven hills. Constantinople had puppet rulers in Britain throughout the middle ages. The Emperor of Constantinople was over the kings of Britain. When Rome was being attacked by the Turks in 1100, the emperor of Constantinople sent letters for help to the Kings of Britain and France. That’s why the crusades were fought. When Rome fell in 1453 the emperor and his family fled to Britain and France to rule by divine right or because they were related to the emperor of Constantinople. No one really knew who the king of England and his family were after that except that they came from a family called the Tudors. But they apparently had more power than their predecessors. It was said they won the battle of Bosworth hill killing King Richard III. But some also say this is a cover up to protect the truth about the fall of Rome and what really happened to the emperor of Rome. From the Tudor line to the present, the same family has ruled both England, and it’s sister nation the United States. Rome is not present day Rome in Italy. It was always in Constantinople, on seven hills. The Emperors of Rome and their families have been in power ever since. They have also placed puppet presidents and puppet prime ministers to rule on their behalf. The Rothschild family doesn’t exist. It’s a cover up for the Roman family that rules this world. The descendants of the Roman Emperors and their family members. This has been kept a secret for generations, but now the truth must be told.

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