DEFRA Deliberately Spreads TB In British Cattle

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The TB issue in the Uk is a hot potato.  For me it is hard to understand the roll of DEFRA.
Last wedensday a herd of cows were removed to Exeter mart for sale by a receiver and his hench men.The previous friday a pre movement TB test was carried out on the herd.The animals were checked last monday morning and eleven animals failed the test and were sent for slaughter.The remaining of the herd was removed to Exeter auction centre and sold to other farms around the UK last wedensday.
What a waste of tax payers money and what about the risk of spreading TB further around the UK.
When i was young i also drank raw milk from the cows on my parents farm in Ireland without fear.Today in the UK i would be very slow to repeat the same, thanks to the poor actions of DEFRA. 
How can i as a cattle exporter sell high quality animals from the UK to europe with the knowledge i now know about the TB ‘inaction’ of DEFRA.

TAP  –  That’s not inaction, Robert.  Selling high risk animals into the market is ‘action’.  They are trying to spread TB in cows and destroy the farming industry in Britain.  Milk processing is in the hands of Mullers who are dropping the price paid to farmers like a stone.   Most processed foods are made from low nutrition dried milk imported from Europe.  It’s all calculated to cut the nutrition received by consumers.  As for the actions of DEFRA, they are disgraceful.  Farmers should be up in arms.  SO should consumers.  Powdered milk has little nutrition left.  That’s why French yoghurts bought in France taste so much better.
If you boil raw milk, it kills any TB.  You can find out from a farmer if he has had any TB animals.  His neighbors are all notified if he has any, so they know too.  If you check out the TB situation, and if you boil, raw milk is safe, and not illegal if you collect it.
Raw milk is not illegal to collect from a farmer.  It is illegal if he goes out and sells it himself, or a collector does.  I have a small farm where I still keep a tiny herd.  No TB as yet thankfully.
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  1. Paul says:

    It is not illegal to sell raw milk in the UK, you just have to have higher standars and of course be more regulated, how do I know this, well on occasion I have been known to buy some from an organic far mat a farmers market stall in Cumbria.

    I would also like to add that the denial of nutrition is one of the techniques to control the massess. Throughout history the “Serf” class has always generally had the worst food, having had higher standard food robbed effectively from them by their masters and their militaries, thus gettinh the good stuff all to themselves. Good food promotes good health and helps mental and physical growth, thus cutting off good food from the massess over time would reduce the general populations capabilities. They are doing this on purpose as one of their tactics.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Can farmers actually sell milk off the farm?

  3. Paul says:

    Well they were selling it just this saturday at Bramptons Farmers Market, here are the farms details for you so if you want you can confirm it for yourself.

    E&D.E Horm
    Slack House Organic Farm
    CA8 7DB

    I am normally relegated to buying the organic pasturised milk from Morrisons, this stuff is great, totally unheamogenised and it tastes like I remember it as a kid, though I did grow up on a farm and drank cow and goats milk there, totally unkilled and full of the good stuff. The memories flew back in. 🙂

  4. Paul says:

    Darn spelling mistakes, the farmers surname is Horn.

    Also it has Organic Certification UK5 on the bag

  5. Paul says:

    And I should have done this before posting, but just did a search for raw organic milk in the UK and my top search choice was

    hope this helps you with any further research.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for great links Paul.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I also buy raw milk from my local Jersey cow farmer in Northumberland. She reckons that folks come from miles away, buy in bulk and freeze.


  8. Tapestry says:

    If DEFRA succeeds in spreading TB first in cattle and then into humans, can you imagine the effect? It will be the end of raw milk, and they will then ban it. BE very careful. There is clearly a plan afoot.

  9. Paul says:

    It is evident that they already did their Beta test with foot and mouth, living in Cumbria we were at the epicentre of it all, but just about every farmer I have talked to and many related to the industry harbour very real concerns over how it transpired. It spread to fast, broke out in areas with no contact with others and totally defied many normal disease spreading models. In addition, have you noticed haow they keep raising badgers as problems, we all know that it is possible, but they ramp it up from time to time in even disease free ares where no badegers have it. Any form of collapse coming will include another farm attack, history as a way of repeating itself and I fully expect another Stalin style takeover of the farms before long, but this time it will just be the forcing out of people, foreclosures and people just giving up and selling up because of the increasing red tape.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why not look into getting all cattle innoculated against TB. Although this will end the export of beef it will also stop lower quality beef being imported. To be honest there is now little support from the public. Farmers answers to everything is kill it, foxes, badgers, moles….anything and it’s all in the name of money and certainly no animal welfare. If you are not making money out of milk or beef then simply sell the farm which is worth millions and get a job….then you can contribute to the remaining farmers who simply live on hand outs!

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