DEFRA Admits Cats Are Spreading TB to Humans in British Cities

TB in Britain is spreading through the suburbs.  Where is it coming from?

Answering a question at a meeting of farmers last week, a DEFRA official admitted that TB was spreading from badgers to humans via cats.   Cats don’t die of TB, but they are able to carry it into proximity with humans from badgers sets.

When asked why this is not publicized, the DEFRA official stated that politicians were unwilling to publicly implicate cats with TB, as this could have electoral consequences!

Not only are DEFRA deliberately spreading TB to cattle by allowing TB affected herds to sell off animals before a three month incubation period, and full herd test.  They now admit that humans are contracting TB from badgers via cats.

That’s two entirely unnecessary health catastrophes.  Can anyone think of any reason why we need DEFRA.   It employs more officials than there are farmers in the UK.  Think of the money that could be saved if they were closed down, and the great health gains to both animals and humans that would result from their closure.

Hi Tap, with the closure of wanstead hospital and connaught hospital, a large amount of paper documnets and records went along to Wipps cross hospital.
Among these were a large batch of restricted documents which claimed that the TB carriers were not badgers, but foreign nationals. TB in britian was eradicated, but Russian TB is a killer and incurable, the government knows this but lies to its electorate.
*with thanks to Dr Forbes Buchan and Dr Wolfe
T Stokes london

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  1. Road_Hog says:

    “Can anyone think of any reason why we need DEFRA”

    I read a comment on a website/blog once by someone who said that they were a farmer. The comment was that when MAFF switched to DEFRA, it was because it became an arm of the EU and wasn’t really a government department any more.

    I think he was kind of saying that it was there, more to implement EU directives than look after rural affairs.

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