Chemtrail Planes Have ‘No Flight Plan’ On Planefinder.

From anonymous comment –

Very heavy chemtrail spraying in East Scotland for the last few months. The sun came out this morning for the first time in a few months but was dulled with the remains of chemtrail clouds.
I’ve taken pics of my sky for most days since February and will have to post them on a blog.

It’s more like geo engineering rather than anything more sinister.

Each day that my neighbours and us hope for some sun we get about 4 757’s flying over to darken the skies. each jet is logged as ‘no flight plan’ on planefinder and usually starts it’s journey in Stuttgart and ends it in the US. With a meandering city by city visit on the way. Accompanied by numerous ‘no flight plan’ friends ont eh way. 

TAP – Chemtrails can be used for weather modification and population modification.  Weather is health.  Sun creates Vitamin D which helps prevent illness from colds to cancers.  Do you have a picture or two for this blogpost?  (Not 10!)

Where do the planes go after Scotland?  Iceland?  Greenland?  Canada?

Many people I knw have been struck with chest infections in midsummer.   Other complain of throat tickle.  Chemicals and metals that change weather also contaminate the air.  The effects on human health might be side  effects of the treatment, or further intended effects.  The scenario fits with the population control agenda.  Healthiness is being suppressed along with sunlight.

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  1. stedra rulz says:

    Here’s a video I found. It has some purported chemtrail pilots on it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, One thing is for sure, we cannot rely on the Elite to tell the truth.
    The Chemtrails are what?, that is the question we have been asking.
    Are the flu like symtoms without the sneezing, due to chemtrails.
    If it is true, what is the chemical reaction of Aluminium and Barium. What are the long term effects.
    The Elite could not even tell the truth over Global warming, yet Maurice Strong was made a multi Billionaire selling carbon credit paper.
    What about some truth for once from the Elite.

  3. James says:

    Why would chemplanes fly all the way over the Atlantic? That would be a very inefficient use of resources, surely better to have some planes based in Europe and others in USA. More likely that the planes are cargo flights operated by DHL or UPS

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