Brown Won’t Attend Olympics Opening Ceremony. Mmmmmmmm. Fishy.

Fraser Nelson writes – Gordon Brown has refused invitation to Olympic ceremony. Bless him. Team UK has a fighting chance now

TAP – could there be another reason?……………….From

2012 Olympics To Be Cancelled Amid ‘False Flag’ Terror Threat? 700,000 Tickets Remain Unsold; Something Very Fishy Is Going On!
July 19, 2012 12:05


Around 700,000 

Olympics tickets 

are yet to be sold 

while capacity 

at a number of 

football games has 

been reduced, 

organisers said.

Around 700,000 Olympics tickets 

are yet to be sold while 


at a number of football 

games has been reduced, 

organisers said.

Locog said 250,000 football 

tickets were on sale 

while 50,000 tickets are 

available to buy for other 

sports at the moment.

200,000 football tickets

and 200,000 tickets for 

other sports

are due to go on sale 

after being returned by 

Olympics committees 

from around the world.

TAP – Sorry about the editing.  This one’s impossible to justify (as regards layout), no matter what I do!

700,000 Olympics tickets unsold
(UKPA) – 2 days ago  
Around 700,000 Olympics tickets are yet to be sold while capacity at a number
of football
games has been reduced, organisers said.
Locog said 250,000 football tickets were on sale while 50,000 tickets are
available to buy
for other sports at the moment.
In addition, 200,000 football tickets and 200,000 tickets for other sports are
due to go on
sale after being returned by Olympics committees from around the world.
Organisers said there had been around one million football tickets left but
these have
been cut in half by reducing capacity at stadiums.
A spokesman for Locog said: “We are planning to reduce capacity across the
venues by
up to 500,000 tickets across the tournament.
“This will involve possibly not using a tier, or an area of a ground, in some
of the venues.
“This can apply to men’s and women’s football, if necessary.”
But, speaking at the first daily press briefing at the Olympic Park in
Stratford, east London,
London 2012 chairman Lord Coe insisted that ticket sales were
“not in bad shape”,
saying about 150,000 football tickets would also be available through the
Ticketshare programme.
He added: “They are in reduced-size venues of course, we have scaled
down the size of
those venues. We’ve sold more football tickets than we’ve sold for
anything else.
“We’re not in bad shape on tickets. It was always going to be that
football tickets were the challenge but I think we’ll do pretty well.”
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8 Responses to “Brown Won’t Attend Olympics Opening Ceremony. Mmmmmmmm. Fishy.”

  1. Twig says:


    Start getting worried if and when Cameron drops out.

    In Brown’s case he’s probably just scared that he’ll be booed again like he was the time he unilaterally re named Omaha Beach as Obama Beach in honour of the U.S. President.

    Either that or he wasn’t invited.

  2. Tapestry says:

    No. He declined the invitation.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Sorry. Pages won’t edit for some reason and missing text won’t come to size whatever I try and do. Must be MI5 I think! Or Mossad at the very least. Brown may be shy of crowds, and with good reason. As you say, if Cameron’s there, he wouldn’t like being blown up particularly. He might nip out to take a phone call of course! The mind can run riot with this one.

  4. Twig says:


    Maybe they wouldn’t let him use the Zil lanes and he didn’t fancy going by Tube?

    After all he considers himself to be a VIP.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe just maybe nothing will happen?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, If the Wives of the top men are not there, that’s the time to worry.
    Women are like cat’s, they have a sixth sense.
    They seem to have all been in New York on 9–1, yet they kept out of the way, doing a spot of cooking no doubt.
    Just a thought.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Yes but that would be after the event….
    Surely an insider can spill beforehand.
    Yet they would not be believed, and would be Gareth Williamsed.

  8. Paul says:

    Cameron has always worried me to be honest, the more I find out about the way these perverts and their circles of power works makes me think that Ivan was actually a price paid for his power. The same goes for Browns wifes first misscarridge. I may be wrong, but they seem to be into that kind ofthing in these power circles.

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