Ben Elton’s Books. What Did He Know?

Anonymous comment writes –

Ben Elton has written a number of fantastically prescient books about our dystopian future:-

1. This Other Eden – dealing with the current global warming scam (and how the greens are financed by the other side);
2. Blind Faith – a dystopian vision of London after an impending disaster whereby everybody lives through their online profile, voyeurism on a grand scale is the norm (after all why would anyone want privacy?), vaccination is an evil, and the protagonist is a civil servant whose job is to data-mine every possible relationship between different human activities so as to profile the population in general;
3. High Society – the growing tendency of the middle class to use Class A drugs as a lifestyle choice;
4. Meltdown – the global financial crisis from a Bankster / Stockbroker persepctive;
5. Stark – the world is polluted to the point of no return and the billionaires club (all of them with the necessary pyschopathic character traits) shuttle off into Outer Space in order to get off this cesspit of a planet and to escape the impending Armageddon of global meltdown. 

It was great fiction a number of years ago, incredibly witty and entertaining…all nicely falling into place as we speak.

I keep asking myself….when he was writing his books, did he know something we didn’t?? 

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3 Responses to “Ben Elton’s Books. What Did He Know?”

  1. Julia says:

    I think he just tunes into the undercurrents and trends that are going on, and sees where things are heading. There are several other brilliant books not on that list. Gridlock, about the roads jamming up. Inconceivable about our fertility declining. TWo more I can’t remember the names of, one about Pop Idol/X factor and how it’s manipulated. Another about a murderer who will murder if everyone wants to watch on their TV, but will not go ahead if people turn off.

    Did you think of this before I mentioned it, or because I mentioned it? Just curious, as I got a lot of synchronised thinking going on at the moment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually Julia it was my two-pence worth that I posted as a follow-up comment to your earlier post which mentioned Ben Elton.

    The list was by no means exhaustive and I think you are quite right with your appraisal of Ben Elton. That said, ‘This Other Eden’, ‘Stark’ and “Blind Faith’ were are particularly dystopian for me and also seemed to be well ahead of current thinking at the time…thus they had a significant impact on my thinking at that time.

    I posted the comment as ‘Anonymous’ and Tap seems to have ‘owned’ my submission. I don’t get precious about this kind of thing – just seeing it published on his blog as an entry rather than a comment is a very small victory for me – so Tap is welcome any time.

    I’m quite happy to have an online identity, just haven’t got around to that kind of thing yet. Keep posting Julia…I see you live in Bath near to me. I do enjoy this site and your comments. Please keep it up!

  3. Tapestry says:

    Sorry about not crediting you anonymous. Sometimes it’s hard here competing with baby and domestic situations for concentration, and I omit some of the usual courtesies on here as a result.

    It would be good for you to get a blogging name, so we get to know your signature. I grabbed your insight from comments, and ‘forgot’ to credit you. I have to admit I haven’t read one Ben Elton book, and cannot add anything to this discussion!

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