61% Say Britain Should Leave The EU

Other less well known titles agree

Over the two week period from the beginning of June, 4 students as part of a larger LSE study
worked a telephone poll each evening asking the following questions.
No record was kept of nationalities, or whether employed or unemployed.
1  Would you suport another government war this time on Iran.
 results 68% no 5% yes  rest dont knows
2    Do you agree generally  with the government wars on mid east countries. ?
 70% no 4% yes  rest dont knows.
3 Would you agree to Bush Blair and Sharon being prosecuted for what they have done in Iraq, Palestine Afghanistan Syria Libya and Lebanon, ? 62% yes 12% no rest dont knows.
4   Do you think the British government aquiesed in the kilings of Dr. David Kelly and Princess Diana ? 76% yes 14% no   rest dont knows
5    Do you agree with current levels of immigration into Britian ?
an astonishing 83% no 9% yes rest dont knows.
6   Are you in favour of Britian holding the olympics?
70% no  yes 15% rest dont knows.
( there was much criticism of the zion politicising of the so called games )
7   Has unemployment affected your family
 85% yes 10% no rest dont knows.
8   If there was an election tomorrow would you vote ?  
  73% no   12% yes rest dont knows.
9   Do you value our current political leaders in Britian ? 
79% no  6% yes rest dont knows
10   Should Britian leave the EU ?
61% yes  15% no  rest dont knows,
( before voting on this question many seemed unsure )
11  Asking for general opinions, many felt the government was way too racist against its own people, many wanted job creation programmes, and criminal offenders immediately deported, the NHS was constantly criticised, as was health tourism from incomers, the police were said to have lost touch and the support of the public, many people were fed up with the israel lobbies control of media and TV, and many felt taxation was way too high
Dr N Patel  Doctors against racism.

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Jul 6 (1 day ago)

Kevin Field kevinfield15@yahoo.com
12:33 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
my sister in law is a secretary for doctors against racism, she types up stuff and answers the phone, she gave it to me, the next survey in the autumn is what really interests me !!
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4 Responses to “61% Say Britain Should Leave The EU”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doctors against racism?

    What the hell are doctors doing forming a political group? They have one remit and one remit only; cure the sick. That’s it.

    If doctors have time on their hands to form agitprop groups then they’re clearly not treating enough patients.

    It’s high time the tumbrels started rolling.

  2. Sackerson says:

    What percentage of those *who know anything about the issues* reckon we should leave the EU? Surely not as low as 61%.

  3. Tapestry says:

    All doctors know they are acting for powerful vested interest groups, lying to their patients for the profit of pharmaceutical companies. Or if they don’t know, they need to do some independent study. All they offer is pharmacy and surgery. neither work. Both make tons of money.

    They might as well form agitprop groups and agitate for all the use they are to humanity.

  4. Twig says:

    Racism seems such a subject term nowadays.

    You can have the MOBO awards and the Black Police Officers Association, and that’s not considered racist, and you can call the BBC hideously white, and that’s not racist.

    If you reversed any of the above, it would be considered racist.

    Diane Abbot constantly gets away with anti white remarks.

    Is it about skin pigmentation?
    I doubt it, most white skinned people pay a fortune for a tan.

    Is it about culture?
    If so, I have to confess that I do prefer some cultures over others – does that make me a racist?

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