11 o’clock on the 3rd August 2012 .

Hi Tap, many thanks for Gordon’s e-Mail , please thank him if you will. Numerology is a very DEEP SUBJECT, there are many who don’t believe in it, but obviously Gordon thinks differently, about it, at 20.35 I would suggest it was synchronistic. don’t you think?   He might even come around to my views on Jesuits, many of whom are Crypto Jews. Whilst they are Physically Jews they must only be considered as Jesuits. The higher Strata will also be SMOMS, & ARE VERY POWERFUL PEOPLE.

I have been looking at the numbers relative to The ‘ZION’ Olympics, & have come up with the following, w/r/t Team Picture.
As G_L states there is a very powerful Illuminati Signature on this EVENT, There will be a lot of very Influential & Powerful People all gathered together in one place, analogous in many ways to The Titanic!

5+4+1 = 10, THE GODS HEAD NUMBER.  HOW SIGNIFICANT IS THIS. The Illuminati always place a High significance on Numerology, 3, 11, & 13, being their most important number August 03, gives 8+3 = 11, weather you believe it or not is insignificant, THEY DO & THEY ARE IN CONTROL.
THE MASTER NUMBERS ARE 11, 22, & 33  so consider :-

The All Seeing Eye looks in both directions it is, therefore, permissible to use a number more than once.
Hence  03/08/12 will give  3+8  = 11,   1+2  = 3,  Then 3+8  = 11  THUS  11, 11.

so if EVENT OCURED  at 11,00 ‘ O CLOCK  :-        THEN WE HAVE  11 – 11 – 11.   or    3×11  = 33 

“If a life is taken close to the northern 33rd Parallel, this fits with the Masons’ demonic mythology 
in  which they demonstrate their worldly power by  spilling human blood at a predetermined locale.”


Chronology of Significant Events At The Northern 33rd Degree of Latitude — Day Williams (Ibid.)

 2589 – 2566 BC. The Great Pyramid was built in Egypt by masons at a location not far south of 30 degrees latitude, and on 31 degrees longitude. How the Great Pyramid was built is unknown. Herodotus estimated that it would have taken 30 years and 100,000 slaves to have built it.

 1470 B.C. (?) Atlantis destroyed, according to occult legend. A continent was reputedly the size of Europe. It boasted gorgeous cities, advanced technology, utopian government, and an occult, spiritually enlightened, citizenry, as we discussed, above. It suffered a cataclysm and was reduced to rubble that sank beneath the sea, lost forever. The legend of Atlantis has been around for thousands of years, and whatever its factual validity may be, it does claim a noble heritage, for its earliest known proponent was Plato.

 1704-1662 B.C. The Babylonian empire was based in Babylon, very near the 33rd Parallel. The empire stretched from the Persian Gulf to the middle Euphrates River and upper Tigris River regions.

 1025 – 945 B.C. Tyre, Lebanon: Home of King Hiram and the mythological Hiram Abiff, the Terrible Twosome of Masonic legend. Tyre is less than 20 miles north of the 33rd Parallel. Hiram was the King of Tyre in the reigns of David and Solomon.

 875-848 B.C. The Biblical Mount Carmel is south of the modern city of Haifa and west of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Mount Carmel is less than 20 miles south of the 33rd Parallel. At Carmel Elijah the Hebrew prophet stood against 850 heathen prophets and defeated them (1 Kings 18).

 605-562 B.C. Babylon was the predominant city in the ancient world during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II. Babylon is very near the 33rd Parallel, as we reveal above; but, the current city of Baghdad is located right on the 33rd Degree Parallel. Keep this fact in mind for later in this article.

 1756 Charleston, South Carolina, the original site of Scottish Rite Masonry in the United States, is only 15 miles south of the 33rd Parallel

 1861 On April 12, Confederate forces fired on the Union’s Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, igniting the Civil War. Charleston, at the 33rd Parallel, is known officially as “the Mother Lodge of the World.” This Lodge had been founded by Moses Lindo as the King Solomon Lodge. Thus, the Civil War was started at the 33rd Parallel, a very Masonic thing to do!

 On April 12, 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met his “sudden death” of a cerebral hemorrhage at the 33rd Parallel at Warm Springs, Georgia. His last words were, “I have a terrific headache.” His medical chart is reportedly missing. Roosevelt was replaced by 33rd Degree Mason, Harry S. Truman. Weeks later, the nuclear bomb was dropped on the 33rd Degree Parallel, at Nagasaki, Japan!
 1946 On August 19, 1946, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President, was born in Hope, Arkansas, at the 33rd Parallel. His parentage is disputed. As a young man, Bill Clinton was a Master Counselor of the Masonic-connected Demolay. (“Demolay” derives from the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, James deMolay (1244-1314)).

 1947 On July 8, 1947 a UFO and aliens’ bodies were allegedly found in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico at the 33rd Parallel

 1963: The Kennedy Assassination — President John F. Kennedy Sr. was shot and killed in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas near the 33rd Parallel on 11/22/63 (11 + 22 = 33). Dealey Plaza is the site of the first Masonic temple in Dallas, and a Masonic obelisk. Thus, we see the following numbers in the JFK assassination:

Number 11 — November

Number 22 — The day of the month

Number 33 — Addition of ’11’ and ’22’

Number 33 — Dealy Plaza is located on the 33rd Parallel

 1968 On June 5, 1968, shortly after winning the California primary election, United States’ Senator, Robert F. Kennedy, was killed at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California, close to the 33rd Parallel and near a Masonic Lodge. Like the assassination of JFK, this assassination contains the same occult “Master Numbers” — 11, 22, 33.

Number 11 — RFK was shot on June 5. June is the 6th month; when added to the 5th day, you get an ’11’

Number 22 — RFK was shot by a .22 caliber pistol

Number 33 –Addition of ’11’ and ’22’

Number 33 — Los Angeles is very near the 33rd Parallel

[Note: This information taken from RFK assassination site, http//:homepages.tcp.co.uk/~dlewis/crime.htm]

 1990-1991 Gulf Storm I occurred. Both Baghdad and the U.N. “No Fly Zone” is located at the 33rd Degree Parallel. Who chose this parallel to be the exact demarcation line as to be the line which marked the line beyond which Iraqi airmen cannot fly?

 1993 Waco, Texas, just south of the 32nd degree of north latitude, is the site of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas. On April 19, 1993 the Clinton Administration murdered adults and children in the Branch Davidian group at Mount Carmel, a compound about 10 miles from the city of Waco

 Phoenix, Arizona, is on the 33rd Degree Parallel. Tremendous paranormal activity is occurring in Phoenix, and has been since the 1947 Roswell Alien/UFO incident allegedly occurred.

 2003 — Super Bowl was held at San Diego, which is right on the 33rd Degree Parallel.

 Nagasaki, Japan is on the 33rd Parallel. Hiroshima is 100 miles away. Historians have always been perplexed as to why the U.S. chose Nagasaki to hit with a nuclear bomb, since no meaningful military or political targets existed in this city. However, you can see how 33rd Degree Mason, President Truman, might have made the decision to attack Nagasaki, located on the 33rd Parallel.

Many years ago had a conversation with someone who had to move from the prosed Olympics Site, I will send information on this later.


TAP – I am sure you can look at numbers retrospectively as they connect to false flag terror, the moment they ended WW1 and so on.  But trying to predict events based on numbers alone seems very brave to me.  Interesting post, nonetheless.


I try to look at things from the creators perspective and to me there
is no greater mathematician than He and what we have learned is not
new under the sun but known long, long before us. As for the
Crypto-Jews and the Jesuits go, their day is now but will come to an
abrupt end. I also believe that if we don’t learn from history we will
be made history!

Hi Tap,

Well it’s been quiet today on The Tap. Perhaps everyone is feeling
down that they didn’t see what they expected concerning the Olympic
opening ceremony. Big Ben still stands, the underground tube is still
intact and the Olympic Stadium remains standing. No bombs went off, no
nukes and no mass death and destruction. Perhaps they remain overawed
by the performance and the spectacle of the dazzling lights and
fireworks display. Who knows!

In reality what we got was something by far, far worse and more
sinister than any nuke exploding causing mass death and destruction in
London. What we really got was the invocation of Satan the devil, the
deceiver of the whole world to come into attendance and into the world
though this Satanic Mass. For those who don’t know, Satan with his
fallen angels and evil spirits must be invited and that is exactly
what the Illuminati Zionists performed, a Satanic Mass! What they have
asked for is the power of darkness and destruction to come into our
mists. A darkness and destruction of unimaginable magnitude that will
destroy this world. Oh you stupid, stupid people! You think you are
saviours of the world but have condemned it!!

Sunset 27/7/12 is the start of 9th Av ending sunset 28/7/12. Please
follow the link below to get a better understanding of this Satanic
Mass and the 9th Av. The pictures didn’t load in the page for me but
by loading them in a new tab they were fine.

Also; http://merovee.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/london-olympic-opening-ceremony-satanic-mass/

Don’t expect immediate results from this Satanic Mass but over the
next few months you will notice a change come over the earth and the
world we live in. Pay attention to the US election to be held on
Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Destroyer coming up behind the sun in
December and those mysterious underground bunkers ordered by Putin to
be up and running by December 2012.

On a better note and words of advice don’t anyone fear for it’s fear
these evil people play on. Stand firm, be strong.

Kind regards,

TAP – It seems that this numbers game is too easy.  Every number could be the one.  It’s like a game of bingo.

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16 Responses to “11 o’clock on the 3rd August 2012 .”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So what’s going to happen on the 3rd August 2012 at 1100?

    Come on lets hear it. Then we can all check it out.

    I suspect nothing. WASP will of course quietly forget he/she ever mentioned it.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I agree it’s very brave to make forecasts of the exact time of the next false flag horror attack. This could be false false flag territory, which in itself is scaring people, with no bombs required. WASP is a seasoned campaigner. Let’s see if his mathematical enquiry methods are as good as they sound. One number I do wonder about is the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, when they called off WW1. That was odd, you have to admit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Thank Gordon for making sense of the Bizarre Olympic ritual.
    Noticed today the Sun had moved a few degrees, inbetween the chemtrails that is.
    The Brown Dwarf may well be on it’s way back to us.
    Only Putin gave any thought to his people, our Elite just rob us, and look after themselves.
    Jesus said he would look after his flock, have him in your heart.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Christ Jesus warned us that all these things would come to pass.

    All this is controlled by Rome, the seat of anti-Christos on this earth.

    As Satan said to Jesus, when he offered Him the whole world, ‘And the devil said unto Him, all this power I will give thee, and the glory of them, FOR THAT IS DELIVERED UNTO ME, AND TO WHOMSOEVER I WILL, I GIVE IT’.

    This is Satan’s world.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places’
    Ephesians 6:12

  6. Tapestry says:

    19 plus 6 plus 8 makes 33. They’ve got me doing it now.
    I love that Ephesians quote.

  7. spanner says:

    Not that I don’t believe all this number stuff, but for me, I don’t quite get it.

    Any vast combination of numbers can end up making a certain number ( as demonstrated on the numbers round of blockbusters).

    Plus the illumanti, nwo etc seem to have so many numbers that are not good for us but are for them, so they cover all the bases.

    Its a shame that it can’t be narrowed down a bit more for predictions.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ‘As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the spirit enters the body being formed in the mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the maker of all things’
    Ecclesiasties 11:5

    Hope you like this one too, Mr Tap

    God Bless your son, I hope & prey all will ok

  9. Paul says:

    So whats all the other stuff going around about the night of the 12th August with the new dawn on the 13th august then?? So many dates flying about and so many many theories. The wait to see if anything will actually happen if interesting though. The a 130 day war, just wondered if WASP had any imput on all of that.

  10. Steed says:

    From the link provided by Graham:

    “The London Olympic Committee is urging all people across the UK to ring bells at precisely 8:12 A.M. on July 27th, which is the day the Olympics officially open.”

    Why 8:12am? 8+1+2=11
    And why, for that matter, the 27th? 2+7=9. 9, 11, again – as indicated in this article on Illuminati numerology.

    By the way, from what little I know of Kabbalah (the Illuminati’s occult system), 1-10 are to do with the stages of completion, with 10 representing god and completeness. Number 11, being one higher, represents the destruction of cosmic order and thus Lucifer. Incidentally, 218 (8:12am backwards) is a sacred number to Gnostic Luciferians.

    I’m not a follower of the Bible, but I am certain that the ‘elite’ engage in plenty of occult ritual and that numerology is important to them.

    So how do they get away with ringing bells at such an odd, precise time – 8:12am – without having people question it?

  11. Steed says:

    This actually inspired a blog entry about the new “Shard” building in London, which also has encoded Illumaniti symbolism and numerology:


  12. Anonymous says:

    My name for Shard is Darth Vader’s Castle…

    What film is duck picture.from?


  13. Anonymous says:

    My name for Shard is Darth Vader’s Castle…

    What film is duck picture.from?


  14. Anonymous says:

    Well…….24 minutes to go fellas!! WTF!

  15. Tapestry says:

    Duck. don’t know. Sorry.
    If bomb, also duck.
    If wrong forecast for bomb date and time, recalculate!
    The City Of London is now a militarised zone, whether there’s false terror or no.

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