Youtube Attempts To Censor Farage Again

Youtube strip the sound out of another Farage interview.  Here’s an alternative version with sound still working as at this moment.  People ask me why I don’t write about the Euro crisis any more.  The answer is that everyone knows about it now.  When we wrote about the Euro being a mistake (I started in the 1990s), most people would tell you it was a great idea.  How could anyone do better in putting it across than Nigel Farage?

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On The Tap, we’ve moved on to what underlies the power structures that created the Euro.  Farage may bring popular opinion out against the bail outs.  But who really made the decisions to launch the EU and the Euro?  We look much further back in time, and build a much deeper picture.  That is the blog’s priority, not echoing today’s media news narratives.

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