WW2. USA Nuked Her Own Citizens Pre-HIroshima To Test The Bomb

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Here is one that might interest you, Many years ago when looking into The Manhatten Project, it struck me that the Massive Explosion that occurred in CHICAGO might have had deeper implications than stated in the Official Released Documents. I found that this was in fact so.
I came across this information again so here it is.
Black sailors nuked by CONfederates in A-bomb test at Port Chicago!!
During World War II, one of the sources of ammunition for the Pacific Theater was the Naval Ammunition Depot at Port Chicago, CaliforniaPort Chicagois located on an arm of San Francisco Bay about 30 miles northeast of Oakland and San Francisco. The town of Port Chicago, population 1,500, was located about 1.5 miles from the pier. Not far away was Vallejo’s Mare Island, a major Naval Base which included ammunition depots…………..
……..The Explosion 
On the evening of July 17, 1944 there were two ships being loaded at the pier. The Liberty ship SS E.A. Bryan, after 4 days of loading, had about 4,600 tons of ammunition and explosives on board; 98 black enlisted men continued work. On board the ship were 31 U.S. Merchant Marine crew and 13 Naval Armed Guard.
Docked at the pier since 6 PM that evening was the SS Quinault Victorybeing loaded by about 100 black men for its maiden voyage. On board were 36 crew and 17 Armed Guard. A Coast Guard fire barge was also moored at the pier. Besides 430 tons of bombs waiting to be loaded, the pier held a locomotive and 16 boxcars with its crew of three civilians, and a marine sentry.
At 10:18 an Army Air Force plane flying at 9,000 feet saw pieces of white hot metal, some as large as a house, fly straight up past them. According to the co-pilot, the “fireworks display” lasted about one minute. The explosion was heard 200 miles away.  ………….

There were no identifiable pieces of the SS E.A. Bryan remaining: 25,000,000 pounds of ship and ammunition were gone! Disappeared! The stern of the SS Quinault Victory lay upside down in the water 500 from its origin. The rest of the ship, which had been lifted clear out of the water and turned around, was in scattered pieces.  ……………
The Navy eventually bought out the town of Port Chicago, and the depot itself was incorporated into the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Concord was a major shipping point for ammunition during the Vietnam War and the site of many anti-war demonstrations which continue today.
African-Americans and Mariners gather at the site each year for a Memorial Service.
Mariners killed on SS E. A. Bryan on 7/17/44 :-
Given in Link.

First atomic explosion took place at Port Chicago on July 17, 1944!!
Port Chicago was the site of an atomic test explosion at 10:17 p.m. on July 17, 1944.

Port Chicago was the site of an atomic test explosion at 10:17 p.m. on July 17, 1944.

The armed forces of the U.S. were highly segregated in 1944. The only positions open for blacks were in menial jobs. In Port Chicago, they loaded ammunition onto ships 7 days a week in three round-the-clock 8-hour shifts.

The armed forces of the U.S. were highly segregated in 1944. The only positions open for blacks were in menial jobs. In Port Chicago, they loaded ammunition onto ships 7 days a week in three round-the-clock 8-hour shifts.
All the overseers were Simon Legree type officers, while the back breaking work was left to the black sailors.
The scientists’ confidence in Little Boy seemed too good to be true….and it was….A nuclear device was tested by the Navy at Port Chicago just north of San Francisco at 10:19 P.M. on July 17:

“Seismograph machines at the University of California at Berkeley recorded two jolts with the force of a small earthquake. They occurred about seven seconds apart shortly before 10:19 P.M. A first, smaller explosion (which appeared to some witnesses to occur on the pier itself) was followed by a cataclysmic blast as the E. A. Bryan exploded like one gigantic bomb, sending a column of fire and smoke and debris climbing twelve thousand feet into the night sky, with hundreds of exploding shells making it look like a huge fireworks display.(Allen, The Port Chicago Mutiny, p. 63).

A plane HAPPENED to be flying over the area at that time:

“An Army Air Force plane HAPPENED to be flying over at the time. The copilot described what he saw: ‘We were flying the radio range from Oakland headed for Sacramento. We were flying on the right side of the radio range when this explosion occurred. I was flying at the time and looking straight ahead and at the ground when the explosion occurred. It seemed to me that there was a huge ring of fire spread out to all sides, first covering approximately three miles—I would estimate it to be about three miles—and then it seemed to come straight up. We were cruising at nine thousand feet above sea level and there were pieces of metal that were white and orange in color, hot, that went quite a ways above us. They were quite large. I would say they, were as big as a house or a garage. They went up above our altitude. The entire explosion seemed to last about a minute. These pieces gradually disintegrated and fell to the ground in small pieces. The thing that struck me about it was that it was so spontaneous, seemed to happen all at once, didn’t seem to be any small explosions except in the air. There were pieces that flew off and exploded on all sides. A good many stars and [it] looked like a fireworks display.’“(Allen, The Port Chicago Mutiny, p. 63).

320 sailors were killed instantly!!

The first atomic bomb dropped on Japan was the NEVER-TESTEDgun-assembly device!!
If you can believe it, the CONfederate navy dropped a NEVER-TESTED gun-assembly atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Officially the only nuclear device they tested was the implosion type bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. If you believe that, then you can believe that the earth is rotating!!
The inventor of the gun-assembly device was Navy Captain William “Deak” Parsons. So confident was he of his invention that he felt that no test was necessary of the most important part of the bomb: the nuclear chain reaction:
Navy Cadet William "Deak" Parsons (1901-1953), in his 1922 Naval Academy portrait.
Navy cadet William “Deak” Parsons (1901-1953), in his 1922 Naval Academy portrait.
Eye-opening biographical book that reveals the connections between Port Chicago, Los Alamos, and Hiroshima.
Eye-opening biographical book by the Naval Institute Press reveals the connection between Port Chicago, Los Alamos, and Hiroshima.
Promoted to rear admiral at the end of WWII, Deak Parsons led the technical effort at Operation Crossroads and set the direction of much of the Confederate navy's nuclear policy.
Promoted to rear admiral at the end of WWII, Deak Parsons led the technical effort at Operation Crossroads and set the direction of much of the Confederate navy’s nuclear policy.
Captain William “Deak” Parsons was the inventor of the gun-assemby device for Little Boy. He armed the bomb during the flight to Hiroshima and was in charge of dropping the atomic bomb on the city.

“The limitation on Little Boy was not its design but the slow, difficult process of separating uranium-235 from ore-grade uranium. After millions of dollars and months of work, the ability of the Oak Ridge plant to produce enough uranium-235 for more than one bomb by August 1945 was problematical. This meant no advance testing of a complete uranium bomb; its first use would be against the enemy. Parsons and his gun group were confident that no advance test was needed. Much of this confidence stemmed from the rigorous tests Parsons had demanded of all the non-nuclear components.”(Christman, Target Hiroshima: Deak Parsons and the Creation of the Atomic Bomb, pp. 149-150).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Well, Wasp has done it again, got us to think about the past.
    Did the plane “that just happened to be passing” drop the atomic bomb. Or was it there to photograph the event.
    Was Admiral Deak Parsons a Freemason. Because without a doubt Freemasons would have had a hand in it, with it being pure evil.
    Wasp is correct, we cannot trust the Elite to look after us, we are not even a number to them.
    This is why we must continue to ask questions about Chemtrails.
    Our Elite are pouring chemicals and germs on us from the air, yet do not wish it to be known, WHY?
    Let’s hope we do not have to wait 70 years to find out.

  2. Twig says:


    What form of iodine do you use?

  3. Tapestry says:

    I am battling earlier poisonings of the elite – from PCBs used by farmers in the 1950s, 1960s and 70s. These have given me plenty to cope with. As my thyroid is in good working order, I am advised that I am not affected by nuclear contamination. The first place to be affected is the thyroid. If the risk level starts to manifest, it shows in children first. I would get it for my kids before using it myself. None at this stage. If it was my choice, I’d go

  4. wasp says:

    I will do a Post in a week or so, regarding the real Purpose Behind CHEMTRAILS, it’s a Case of Killing ‘MANY BIRDS WITH ONE STONE’, but the main Purpose has far Deeper Implications. It’s ‘Pure Science Fiction’ but unfortunately it’s True.


    Some, will never believe it!

    But then who would have believed that any Country would use an Atomic Bomb on it’s own People, or even use them in Radiological, & C. & B.W Experiments as Britain & America Have Done, to Military Service Personnel.


  5. Bureau says:

    Nice information, it is true thing thyroid affects first in nuclear contamination and badly affects the gens of people, japans fertility rate is decreased its about 2.1 and it will continue to decline. still japan has good nuclear fuel energy plants.
    Japan Nuclear Fuel SWOT Analysis

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