Why The Sky Isn’t Blue Any More

We went into town today.  It was lovely and sunny, with intermittent fluffy white clouds occasionally obscuring the sun.  You could almost feel sure the world was perfect and we were the luckiest people alive to be able to enjoy such weather at last.  England has been cold and wet for weeks.  It makes us pitifully grateful when we finally get a splash of sun.

But the truth is really not quite like that.  In fact after watching chemtrailing planes over many weeks and months, you can easily tell the difference between nature’s water vapor clouds, and mankind’s aerosol additions.  They are spread at a higher altitude, and now that some people are onto them,  they fly more cryptically, using the water vapor clouds as cover, whereas they used to spray openly only a few months ago.  NATO’s Operation Cloverleaf has become a little more military, requiring camouflage.

If you look up, the sky is quite blue, but not the bright, bright blue sky that we saw in years gone by.  Blue is now simply a relative term.  The sky looked at closer to earth is hardly blue at all, despite no cloud visible to obscure or block line of sight.  In fact there is little difference between the whitish blue of the sky that we see from the ground in a chemtrailed atmosphere, and the duller white of the clouds, that at one time, would have reflected brilliant white light, ands formed a strong contrast.

I mentioned what I could see to a friend.  ‘So you’re into all this conspiracy stuff, are you?’, he asked.

‘It’s not theory,’ I replied.  ‘Check out the UN’s Agenda 21.  It’s all fact.  There is an agenda to depopulate the planet. Water is adulterated.  Food.  And now air using aerosol sprays sending out aluminum, barium, boron, uranium and a host of other toxic metals and substances.’

I gave him my card.  Maybe he’ll check out The Tap Blog later on.  People have no idea.

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4 Responses to “Why The Sky Isn’t Blue Any More”

  1. Spanner says:

    Do we have details of where these flight crews are based in the UK ?

    Also I presume that the flight crews think they are doing this as some sort of geo-engineering thing to slow down global warning, but it would be good if a whistleblower could be found to find out how the higher authorities are justifying this.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Someone used flight tracker and said the flights returned to northern France.

    Any whistleblower might not live very long.

    The first step must be for politicians to blow the notion of global warming out of the water. Climate change denial has to go mainstream. The majority are highly skeptical. Yet cameron supports the UN’s Agenda 21 and AGW.

    The danger is that the elites will now produce stunts such as extreme weather events which they can using HAARP and other climate modification strategies.

    A lone whistleblower might not survive too long.

    Once AGW is no longer a permitted one way street by politicians, they are then free to undo the whole AGW state apparatus which has been created.

  3. Julia says:

    Had some very odd ones today in Bath. The sky cleared a bit today so I could get a view. The usual chemtrail made hazy lines were up there. I have watched the planes making them before many times. I have seen chemtrails planes near me come and go from Salisbury plain, and Filton airport direction, both military, though that may not be where they all come and go from.
    Then I saw clouds in WAVE forms. Exactly likely the patterns you see on a beach when the tide goes out. These then seemed to turn into hundreds of cotton wool balls, all close together looking like snow. After that I was not sure whether they were attaching to the cumulonimbus in the sky, or going into haze.
    I have been studying he sky for six to twelve months, and have not seen time wave patterns or cotton wool balls before. And there is no doubt that they originate from chemtrails. I have seen it for myself, which is what I needed to do to validate it.

  4. Spanner44 says:

    The problem that we have is that while we can all see them chemtrails, and try and point them out to others to various degrees of success, what we need though is more evidence than just the trails in the sky.

    Although I don’t expect a whistleblower to come forward, it would be good if we could establish the airbases that they fly from and the airforces or units involved, which would add greater strength to the argument that we all try and put forward to others.

    Also you mention that planes are coming from Northern France, so presumably French Planes and Crews flying over our airspace and polluting us, which should mean with the right facts enable us to lobby our MP’s for their lame responses.

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