Why make Bank Of England ‘independent’, Mr Brown?

Dear Tap,

I was delighted to read your blog on the Bank of England. My late father was a respected journalist, and I like to think that I have inherited his passion for investigative journalism.   About thirty years ago, my late father was personally introduced to controversial American journalist, Gary Allen. Gary Allen gave my father a book to read entitled None Dare Call It Conspiracy co-authored by Allen and Larry Abraham. The front page still contains Gary’s autograph. This book was banned for a time in South Africa where I live.    Gary Allen’s book changed the way I view the World forever.  While I don’t take anything I read for granted, the amount of research that went into this work is impressive.

Allen reminds us that ALL major man-made World events have to be financed or bank-rolled. These include wars, coup- d’etat’s and revolutions. He reveals how the famous “Russian” Revolution which was supposed to liberate Russian people from centuries of Czarist autocracy, and introduce a glorious age of socialist utopia- was actually financed by arch-capitalists in America and Germany- who had their own reasons for wanting the Czar removed from power- reasons which had nothing to do with the liberation of Russian peasants. In fact, during the first thirty years of Soviet rule, more Russians were killed and incarcerated than during the entire one-thousand year history of the Russian monarchy.

The crux of Allen’s work, however, rests on the old English adage “He who holds the purse strings rules the kingdom”. This has never been so true as it is now.   My family claims direct descent in the male line from King MacBeth’s family, and in the female line from the Stewart kings of Scotland. Through marriages my ancestors made in the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, I am descended from twelve European royal houses, including the Russian Grand Princes.    But the more I experience, and the more I do research, the more I am convinced that national sovereignty and national democracy is the only way to avoid suffering and the abuse of power- abuse which sent millions of young British and German men to their deaths in World War I, and millions of Russians to their deaths in the Russian Civil War.  

I am particularly interested in why Gordon brown- suposedly a “social democrat” gave “independence” to the Bank of England. Surely, in a democracy, the country’s central bank should be owned by the citizens of the country, and the directors appointed by parliament. Their bank accounts should also be scrutinized by an independent auditor general,and their world-wide assets disclosed.

I used to believe in Britain’s ruling elite- my family once served them as generals, and naval and army officers, including both my grandfathers who were captains in the British army. However I now believe that this same ruling elite is destroying Britain by recking it’s economy, flooding the country with millions of undesirable immigrants , and destroying it’s fisheries. This is why, despite my parent’s loyalty to the old Empire, I am now a Scottish Nationalist.

I am horrified by the destruction of Scotland’s fishing industry by the Common Fisheries Policy, and the rape of young white English girls by Asian gangs. My parents would both be mortified by what is happening in the country which they both served during the War.   legally change the ownership of money-supply, and introduce contitutional law, both England and Scotland will eventually be destroyed.   I would be interested in your views on my ideas, and some information on Gordon Brown’s role in all of this   Kind regards   Douglas Mackinnon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Bank of England has ALWAYS been privately owned. This business of the state being the OWNERS is a smoke screen.
    There are private shareholders who’s names are protected by law. You are not allowed to know who they are. They are the people that run things and either put the Labour party or the Conservatives into “power”.
    Gordon Brown like all politicians is told what to do.


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