Were Fukushima And BP Gulf Disasters Deliberately Caused As Part Of Agenda 21?

Ian Crane says a BP Company man was placed on the rig, Bob Calousa, who is now in hiding. His job was to set off the explosion. Ian Crane says the USA is a corporate controlled entity, with no reporting of the disaster that’s unfolding in the Gulf. People are dying there of respiratory illnesses. BP introduced GM microbiology into the Gulf to consume the oil. People nearby are being affected by flesh-eating bacteria. He talks on weather modification. The depopulation agenda. If a hurricane strikes the Gulf, the illnesses would spread inland, and cause multiple deaths. Crane believes the event was a depopulation event from the very beginning. Crane is an-ex oil industry executive, who understands the technicalities. Pregnant women are spontaneously aborting in the Gulf area. The long-term effects of the GM bacteria, that are eating the oil, as well as human flesh, are unknowable. E Coli attack on Germany also mentioned. At Fukushima, the nuclear power stations were out of control prior to the tsunami. The Stuxnet virus is discussed. Sent in by WASP.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Wasp may be correct in what he say, but there are other things to take into consideration.
    Share manipulation and insurance manipulation combined with business considerations.
    If we had the information and time, we could follow the money, and find the piper.
    Where did all the reports of swat teams on the rig’s disappear.
    Why were the crews made to sign secrecy forms, the day after, whilst still in shock.
    Who would have thought, the Clean up Company, was bought just the week before.
    What rubbish TV footage of the supposed sealing of the leak. It could have been filmed in a studio.
    Why was there so little OIL on the beach, yet more TAR balls.
    Why were the Press banned from the area. WHY WHY WHY?

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