WASP Replies To Sackerson

WASP writes –  Hi Tap, this Sackerson is way out, I don’t think he has read much of the stuff I have Posted, do you?

(TAP – As he said, you replied to a criticism he made of Nawab Patel, implying you had forgotten how many identities you have!)

Is “Wasp” the same contributor as “Nawab Patel”?

That’s not a very Smart Question!

If you reference the stuff I have sent in you should glean that I am very well informed, which is more than can be said for a lot of Journalists. I think Tap would agree that I have enlightened him on many issues.

I do not wish to reiterate every single aspect, as the the proof is in the direction of the Vector, that Tap Steers his Blog.
I would not say it was necessarily pro or con w/r/t The Jews, or any other Race, but it does give people a lot of information 

As a generalisation I would say that most of the time I support his viewpoint, I have been called many things for stating information that I have sent Tap, but as I have stated, I don’t have an AGENDA, other than the dissemination of knowledge, & there is no better Tool Than THE INTERNET to achieve this. Without this Critical Information of their Clandestine Activities The Elite Parasites will SHAFT YOU.

I generally don’t take part in any debates as I prefer to just throw ‘pebbles into the pond’, & observe the effects. I try to interpret what I Observe not what I am Told I Observe.



Think about it Sackerson, that means you cant dismiss The Elephants in The Living Room, just because you go around with your ‘EYES WIDE SHUT’. 
It just so happens that some of these ‘Elephants’ happen to be Organized Religions, Orthodox & Fringe,but to a greater extent it is The Vatican, & SMOMS who are The Puppeteers, but what you should never forget is that, JEWS WHO ARE JESUITS & SMOMS, owe no allegiance to the JEWS what so ever, so as Tap stated one can’t Stereotype, any RACE. The Good The Bad & The Others should follow a Statistical Standard Normal Distribution one would think, or does this not fit in with your theories.

Think about this, Hitler was a Jew, many of his Top  Administrators  were Jews, Bormann , {who was actually his controller, ( Hitler was MK-ULTRA Controlled) } was certainly a Jew, & many of his Top Soldiers were Jews, { Hitlers Doctor  Morell was a Jew, whom he greatly admired for the attention he gave his Mother, Hitler on numerous occasions made the statement, ” I will determine who or what is a Jew” }  They were also Jesuit Zionists,  & Many were SMOMS. The top Bankers who financed him were also Jesuits. Hitlers head of Security Reinhard Gehlen was also a Papal Knight. This tends to suggest a Common denominator to me.

The Jews & The Catholics are ‘Queer Bed Fellows’, one might say. They are Their Whipping Boys & Scapegoats. there are many non Jewish Bankers, I gave reference to one the other day i.e. Head of The Vatican Bank Forced to Resign. The late Roberto Calvi was also not a Jew, if you look you will find.

The main reason for WW11 was to remove Gold from the Jews in Europe, to The Vatican, this was achieved very successfully, & much of the Gold held by Major Swiss Banks just happens to have a very high mercury content, Hg can be used to recover Au from an amalgam {dental fillings} & then distilled off, but some residual Hg would remain, giving credence to the origins of this Gold. why would coins issued about this time contain even the smallest amount of Mercury, worth consideration I would say.

More Vatican Nazi Gold involvement was well documented :-

THE Vatican stands accused of using gold plundered from Holocaust victims in Yugoslavia during the Second World War to smuggle war criminals into Latin America and the Middle East.
The allegations, made by an international team of Holocaust experts, follow last week’s publication of a recently declassified US Treasury document which, for the first time, drags the Vatican’s name into the Holocaust gold scandal. The document surfaced at the same time as Swiss banks published names of holders of unclaimed wartime accounts which they had concealed for decades.
The allegations relate to a US Treasury memo of October 1946 by Emerson Bigelow, who worked for the Treasury’s monetary research unit and who received reliable information from the OSS, precursor of the CIA, on Nazi wealth held in specific Swiss accounts.  ……………….   & Multi Link   which is a multi reference source.

Tap is totally correct in stating that my interest is in researching topics , I don’t seek out any targets, but I would say that Islamic Extremists are following the exact line the Elite want them to, the more they appear to be appeased in their demands, the greater the degree of resentment they generate in their Host Communities, this is meant to be, they are very foolish not to see this.

You obviously haven’t read much of my stuff, I am competent in the use of computers, & am able to use a  Software & ‘MOUSE’ to full advantage, so I might well contribute information to other Sites using a Carousel IP, but not as WASP.

My religious background is High Church of England, Anglican, confirmed that’s like being a Protestant  ‘Catholic’ without The Icons if you think about , I would now, however best be described as a Theist – Eclectic. I was also in The Masons for many years as I have previously stated, in earlier Posts, & have read widely on many subjects, whilst I have a Technical Background , this does not preclude my interest in The Occult & Meta Physics. My interest in The Occult has given me the ability to observe from ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX’ & not stay within The Normal Parameters, most People are willing to Accept, & The Elite Parasites Constrain Them With. 



Just consider the fact that Living Beings are ‘MOBILE MAGNIC FIELDS’ and this will open up a wealth of POSSIBILITIES. If you don’t think this is so then you need to read about this aspect of
Physics w/r/t All Living Matter.

For what other reason do you think, their greatest Asset is The Entertainments  Industries, with their Attendant Spin Offs.

With regard to the opening statement
You would be naive in the extreme to believe this. I have stayed contributing to Tap’s Blog, as his aim is Essentially The Same as Mine, though he is a far better typist than I am (TAP – I have my uses), but  I would say that the use of Capitals is Intensional, but the Typos are not.

The Elite Do Have a Hidden Agenda, if you don’t realise that then you are not very well informed, & are WALKING AROUND WITH YOUR ‘EYES WIDE SHUT.



TAP – Many people enjoy reading your contributions, WASP, and most of us have learned a lot by doing so.   That’s the first time in my life I’ve realized I am a good typist.  In fact most of this job is copy and paste.  That’s what should go on my CV.  And maybe title writer….  
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2 Responses to “WASP Replies To Sackerson”

  1. Julia says:

    WASP keep up the good work. I think this is a very good assessment of yourself! I have enjoyed reading your posts for many many months, and see you as a very reliable and dedicated researcher. I like the fact that you do not take offence, and do not let others opinions put you off your research. I have also noticed that you are not ashamed of changing direction or changing your view, which is very healthy. I would agree that you have no agenda other than to get to the truth wherever that takes you, and your lack of agenda allows you the freedom to explore. Thanks for all your input into my life.

  2. wasp says:

    Insults Targeted at me Julia et.alia are like ‘WATER OFF OF A DUCKS BACK.’

    When I get my Teeth Stuck Into Anything I Lock On Like The Preverbal ‘BRITISH BULLDOG’, but am always conscious that, unearthing further knowledge could change my VECTOR of THOUGHT.

    Many of the ideas & concepts I Post may at Times appear a little strange as I have read a lot of Varied Stuff Over The Years. I am glad you enjoy reading them.

    I never read any Fictional Books or Material, as I feel Reality can not be improved on, & so few people have any real concept of what they are missing sitting in front of the ‘α’ Emitter, watching piped Pseudo Reality as a Poor Substitute. however, I do watch varied Documentaries,& enjoy comedy: One Foot in The Grave, Dad’s Army, Last of The Summer Wine & Only Fools & Horses. I consider they are top class comedy,for this day & age, compared with the rubbish, that passes for it, from BRAIN DEAD MORONS.

    We are obviously influenced by being exposed to the thoughts & ideas of others, as I have been, so I will resume my Quest for Enlightenment having been shown a Glimpse of The Content of ‘PANDORAS BOX’ & continue Throwing ‘Pebbles Into The Pond,’ & Observe the Result from Outside The Box.


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