UK Needs Referendum On Joining The EU

Sackerson sends

The Talking Clock blog urges us to support Mr Douglas Carswell’s Bill to repeal the 1972 Act that claimed to makes us members of the European Union. I comment:

I plan to write to Mr Carswell to ask him to withdraw his proposed Bill, on two (related) grounds: 

1. Parliament had no power to pass the 1972 Act. Without the express consent of the people, this constitutional change could not have taken place and therefore never did. The Act is ultra vires.

2. Therefore, there is no point in repealing an Act that has no force in law. There is no such Act. It falls, and so does everything (all subsequent Acts, regulations, directives etc) that depends on it or in any way arises from it.

Logically, Mr Carswell would do better to submit for consideration a Bill to arrange a referendum for the UK to JOIN the EU, since we are not now members. This would confirm to us all that he shares our view that we are not now in the EU, and also that to join would require the consent of the people in propria persona.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s no chance that we will get a referendum.

    Even if we did, they would simply arrange for another referendum until the globalists got the right answer, i.e. ‘YES’.


    Ireland had to vote twice, Holland had to vote 6 times until the globalists got the ‘YES’… the list goes on.

    It’s a wonder why David Cameron (or a Labour/Lib Dem PM, for that matter) gets out of bed to go to work considering the majority of the UK’s laws are controlled by unelected commissars in Belgium.

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