Three In A Bed

Julia talks of her ideal home!
I want a simple home. My neighbour thinks our houses are too small, and there is only one of her! I think it’s too big for 3. I like keeping things clean and doing it myself, but I don’t want to be a slave to it, and you only end up with loads of stuff if you have a big place. We are still working towards downsizing. 
If it was just me, I would be going for a glorified shed or a canal boat! I had my kids sleeping in with me too.  I am sure they turn out more confident and better adjusted that way. And I got more sleep too.  Social Services insist on separate rooms, so I have had to play their stupid game at the same time, not to mention middle class disapproval to contend with, just to avoid having my kids taken away from me. 
A small home means you are more free to do other things,other than look after your home.   Alicia, now teenage, will be back to sleeping in with me when we move! There is a book on it called Three In A Bed, about sleeping with your baby. One of my neighbours wrote it and gave me a copy many years ago. So some people in UK are moving that way too, but we have to relearn it from books! And no cot deaths.

I would like no stairs too! I used to have a really nice garden flat, but my ex made sure I couldn’t hang on to that. Stairs just mean you have two sets of everything, including two toilets these days. Corridors and stairs are space wasters too, they need cleaning, painting etc, but have no function other than to get from one bit of your house to another! The house we nearly moved to, and still might, had some really tiny stairs, straight off the back room, and two cosy bedrooms at the top, no landing. That was pretty good.

I also want to be in a good position to up sticks. I like the freedom to go off when I want.  We have been here 10 years and are really entrenched! I will miss my log burner which I put in, but maybe I will get another one again some day. 
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