Thousands Of Holocaust ‘Victims’ Make Fraudulent Claims

From Nawab Patel..

What’s to celebrate?  Someone’s making money out of this.  Not the victims.

Holocaust Fund Scammer Faces 40-Year Sentence

     MANHATTAN (CN) – A Brooklyn woman pleaded guilty to her role in a fraud ring that embezzled $57 million from a group that helps compensate victims of Nazi persecution.
     Zlata Blavatnik, a former clerk for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, faces up to 40 years in prison after admitting to her role in the conspiracy that approved nearly 5,000 fraudulent applications in exchange for kickbacks.
     The 64-year-old pleaded guilty Tuesday.
     Blavatnik and her co-conspirators were accused of submitting claims to the conference’s “hardship fund” with falsified information. That fund, sponsored by the German government, pays eligible applicants $3,500 for fleeing Nazi persecution.
     “We have identified numerous applications for payment under the hardship fund in which the applicants’ names and social security numbers are valid, but where the dates of birth were doctored to make the applicant appear to be born during or before World War II,” FBI Special Agent Carrie Fisher said in her deposition.
     The claims conference determined that 3,839 of its hardship fund applications appear fraudulent, causing about $12.3 million in losses for the fund.
     Some of the conspirators would recruit members of the Russian Jewish community to obtain identification documents, and then pass these individuals on to a claims conference employee, investigators said.
     Blavatnik was arrested in October 2011 along with Genrikh Kolontyrskiy, Viktor Levin, Ella Voskresenskiy and Henry Gordon.
     The Justice Department has charged 31 people in connection to the fraud, which the FBI has been investigating since December 2009.
     Blavatnik, the 12th to plead guilty, will be sentenced on Oct. 25 before U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa.
TAP – This is more evidence that many of the acts of the ‘holocaust’ were not correct as presented.  If there so many victims needing compensating, why do they need to fabricate?
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16 Responses to “Thousands Of Holocaust ‘Victims’ Make Fraudulent Claims”

  1. Tapestry says:

    It was interesting to read the piece from Field that the Germans tried to persuade the British that Communism was being used to destroy the nations and create world government. Churchill knew this to be the case. It seems that the Germans were right. As to the Jewish element being so much to the fore, what was the boycotting of Jewish goods all about by germany in 1930?

    The financial crash in Germany after WW1 was clearly a manipulated event, during which various Jewish bankers bought up everything they could.

    This could act as a warning of what might happen next in Britain and elsewhere. A crash will be accompanied by bankers who knew it was all coming, who indeed brought the events about.

  2. Tapestry says:

    ..bankers who buy us all out for zilch.

  3. Sackerson says:

    The greed and recklessness of bankers is now a commonplace, irrespective of frequently concomitant racialist slurs and religious bigotry.

    However I am concerned that your contributor may have his own vile agenda, and may not even be who he says.

    Are you quite sure that you are not either being used by a vicious sub-sect of Islam, or alternatively set up by a counterterrorist agency so that they can close you down and shut you up about other matters?

    You articles on the commercial subversion of our diet make sense – and similar material is now coming out in the MSM e.g. the recent TV programme, The Men Who Made Us Fat (; the stuff about contrails is, to me, frankly mad. But this jew-baiting material is very bad in more than one way.

  4. Tapestry says:

    The bankers are either Jewish or they are not. Nothing coming from my keyboard can change that. Just find a non-Jewish banker, and the argument that bankers are Jewish is over.

    Of course people writing on here will have an agenda. And we don’t know what their agenda is.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Chemtrails are not mad. They are a fact. You need time to observe the sky, either from the ground on clear days or from the air.

  6. Sackerson says:

    Just find a non-Jewish banker – seek and ye shall find, there’s plenty.

    Chemtrails – if there was any truth in this the elect would be wearing gasmasks.

  7. Tapestry says:

    The rate at which toxic metals kill is not so great as to be worth wearing a gas mask. However the combination of dirty water, dirty air and poor quality food including fluoride in salt and other staples would be enough to cause millions to die a decade or two earlier than otherwise.

    The elites will be drinking filtered water, pure organic foods and breathing air conditioned and filtered air indoors where most time is spent. Their accumulated rate of toxin acquisition will be about 5-10% of an average unprotected, ill-informed human.
    The body can cope with so much then reaches a tipping point where the toxins will cause illness and ultimately death. Watch especially for illnesses of the nervous system.

  8. Sackerson says:

    If you’re arguing that the “best” get the best, then of course I agree and that’s always been so.

    I’m much more comfortable with the notion that disaster is down to cock-up rather than conspiracy, and unequal outcomes down to unequal opportunity and selfishness rather than some coordinated plan. I just don’t think the PTB are anything like that competent.

    We certainly live a lot longer than people did in this country a century ago, and so can survive to suffer other illnesses, some (as you say) caused in part by accumulated pollution.

    But I think we are also in a new era, when much disease and premature death is the result not of infected water and pre-Clean Air Act smog, but excessive consumption (often of the wrong things from a health point of view) heavily promoted by commercial enterprises and falsely justified in libertarian terms.

    I begin to see the point of Marcuse’s notion of “introjection”, whereby the citizen-consumer thinks he is exercising autonomy when he is merely playing out the behaviour aimed at by the advertising script.

    The growth of large commercial interests and their power and influence in the masses is a key issue for our times. Big MD is the new Big Brother; though the UK government is also going down the latter route. In fact the two are hand in glove, or arm in arm, in my opinion.

  9. Tapestry says:

    It is because people find it hard to realize they are being poisoned intentionally that makes it such a brilliant (i.e. effective) form of attack.

  10. Sackerson says:

    You are obviously a man of intelligence, well-informed and with good social connections, yet your beliefs seem not amenable to reason. Why not begin from a sceptic’s standpoint and see where evidence and reason drive you, instead of running ahead to unsupported conclusions?

  11. Tapestry says:

    I spent many years recovering from, and being treated for toxic poisoning. I saw all the other patients in the same hospital, and have seen their cases and progress, both happy recoveries like mine, and not such happy cases. I am not without knowledge about the effects of toxic metals, and chemicals on human health. Nothing is a conclusion. Everything is the best we can do today. Tomorrow we will do better.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Really Sackerson, if we had graphics, it would only confuse our racist minds.
    What I say is if the cap fit’s, wear it.
    If another jewish fraud is uncovered, then, then let our jewish press, bring it to our attention.
    Then when all the evidence is presented, let our jewish peers let them off. For can a jew do wrong in your eyes.
    As for chemtrails, you must have your eyes shut.
    Open your eyes and see the truth.

  13. wasp says:

    I don’t have an AGENDA Tap, when I find information that looks plausible, I pass it on to you, as I don’t SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY, & don’t want to be taken for one either, by The Elite Parasites, many of whom are BANKERS, & Puppet Politicians. These would best be termed MARIONETTES, as there is a subtle difference.

    The Puppeteers are aptly called Manipulators, who The ‘Brain Dead’ don’t even know exist.

    Whilst never being short of relevant information,my limiting Factor is always Time, to relate what I know

    I am appalled by the Ignorance of many well educated people, who haven’t got a Clue about The Matrix, or those who operate it, but are able to believe the Lies The Controlled Media Pump Out.

    The problem is the truth sounds too unbelievable even to me at times. so how can we expect the Manipulated to understand the True Course of Events that have lead us to where we are Today?

    N.B. Did you know that one of the first figures to be made into a Marionette was The Virgin Mary Hence The Name. I don’t think anyone could argue that The Roman Catholic Church hasn’t been & still is a MANIPULATOR, do you?

    Rowan Williams becomes first ever Anglican leader to accept visions of Virgin Mary as fact.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, was yesterday branded a ‘papal puppet’ after he became the first leader of the Church of England to accept visions of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes as historical fact.
    He asserted that 18 visions of Our Lady allegedly experienced by Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 were true.

    Read more:

    Read more:



  14. Sackerson says:

    @Anon 8:58 – a fraud is a fraud. I’m not arguing with the news passed on in this post. I trust the perpetrators will be suitably punished for their greed.

    It’s when it gets spun up like candy floss into something that looks much bigger, with very little substance, that I think we cross the border into unreason.

  15. Tapestry says:

    The fraud does not stand too well for those who say the holocaust is entirely as alleged. I am not saying I know the answer. I am saying this is evidence of something other than just a fraud. If you don’t agree, we have noted the point, Sackerson.

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