Sustainability? Definitions please.

Spotted this video on YouTube titled Can you define sustainability? 

ICLEI can’t…:

 This conference is no doubt packed out with Marxists, eco-terrorists, looney-lefties, and other groups of people who think they know what’s best for us. The truth is, these kind of people tried the ‘Global Warming’ scam and that failed. Now, they are trying their best with the ‘Climate Change’ scam and that is a dead-end too as the Earth’s climate is ever-changing anyway.

 The latest, more sinister, avenue they want to go down is how humans are supposedly destroying the planet… which is where the depopulation agenda of ‘Agenda 21’ comes in along with chemtrails, vaccines, GMO’s… the list goes on.

 Thanks God, there’s someone with more than a modicum of common sense who is currently attending this meeting, as he mentions in this video:


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    A follow-up to what’s been going on at this conference:!

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