Sir Richard Doll Murdered Hundreds As An Experiment


In the early1970s the English Channel was the busiest area for shipping traffic in the world, and would often be used by various nations for testing defence initiatives.

One night an experiment was carried out from a boat when the wind was blowing toward the British coast,  the lids were taken off 3 large metal containers so the fine dust would be blown across to shore,
 We later discovered that this was a British Porton Down chemical gas experiment on its own people.
During the early seventies, many toxic gas experiment were conducted by the British government on its own subjects, and we sold Saddham Hussein similar toxic gas cannisters, Saddham was installed and run by British and US authorities, and fought an 8 year war with Iran, because Israel were worried Iran was too powerful, his reward promised by the USA was that he could take back Kuwait previously annexed by the British, but when we moved into Kuwait, we all then remember what happened.

The Civil Defence assoc, was a national military unit, who were taught what to do if the Soviets initiated any ICBM attack with germ or gas warheads, the training involved dealing with a high altitude attack to spread germs thinly over a wide area, a mid range attack or a low level attack which would give the missiles the remit to explode their payout over a single city with maximum coverage and death rate,
the advantage of such a weapon was that the people would asphixiate, leaving all buildings and structures intact,
incidentally the chemical formula for sarin gas is similar to the asthma inhaler Serevent and Advair, but more concentrated.

This same chemical warfare unit would release certain germ warfare gases on the British underground, some times during the day and some at rush hours to monitor from doctors and hospitals the virulency of the sickness reports, these experiments were held regularly and we were told it was just for common cold and flu.
The London underground was also used for S.A.S hostage manoeuvers at night, and these gas weapons were also tested over Swindon in Wilts and particularly over the East Anglia region.
The London Cage was designed to interrogate and torture captured Germans after the war, officially approx 3,500 were held here, many others unofficially.

Leut. Alexander Scotland saw many men tortured to death and used in Porton Down germ warfare experiments, documentation of much of this and the experiments on the public under cover of these “common cold experiments” up until the sixties are now held in Soviet archives, assisted by the huge numbers of British socialist sympathizers, it was felt that of the many animal experiments carried out none was predictive of how humans would cope with the various gas attacks.

In the late seventies gas cannisters were released over London, Essex and various other parts of Britian
 in larger Porton Down people experiments, to determine the spread of disease as a weapon of war,
Much of this documentation contains the signature of Sir Richard Doll. 
The numbers of soldiers developing gulf war sickness, which contaminates their children and grandchildren was denied by the very government that sent them into this war.
The real causes of illness like Morgellons disease, and the multiple chemical sensitivity
range of disorders lie here.

A splendid article in The Daily Mail of Dec 30 2006, blew the lid on the clusters of cancers that are 20% higher in East Anglia, this among other conditions, such as bad coughs and strange chest infections from secret clouds of toxic gas releases, are well known to doctors at the Kings Lynn Hospital, who have also seen clusters of children born with ear complaints, which they are told to put down to crop spraying chemicals in the area, and chemical contaminants in the water supplies.

The Norwich hospital has as its chest specialist, Dr. Harrison, a controversial figure with an unpleasant highly superior attitude to patients who is said by staff to be “in the know”
about hospital research into spiraling chest conditions in the area such as cancer, asthma and C.O.P.D and is said to conceal much data that lie within the Chem-trails arena.
Restricted documentation exists that suggest a possible link with cot death syndrome,
 and house spraying with the pesticide organophosphate Methyl Parathion, which is said to bring on  occasional infant respiratory arrest.

Between the years 1957 and 1964 the Daily Mail under newly released documentation, says over 100 secret experiments were carried out by government on its own people, most of the tests were in heavy metal cadmium distribution which is linked particularly  to throat cancers.

The M.O.D of course dismisses the findings as no risk, but then why if there were no risk was it all done in secret ?
It is time now for some degree of transparency, we have just murdered Saddham Hussein for gas attacks on his own people, and hopefully some prosecutions will now follow in Britain for the same crimes, but don’t hold your breath, while doctors in hospitals still cover up what is going on
T Stokes London
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  1. Anonymous says:

    My son was poisoned by an organophosphate ant killer when he was 8 years old. He was 27 this week and every day his life is pure hell. I am sitting by hin now until he falls asleep.
    He gets no medical help despite being diagnosed by experts in Btitain and the USA. IN fact our family has been demonised to the extent that we moved abroad for 6 years where he was at least treated withe respect, concern and dare I say love by the doctors who tried to help. There is little that can be done.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Actually you can get OPs out of a human body, as long as your son can sweat. Whatever load he is carrying can be greatly reduced, allowing his nervous system to recover. Farmers that know this get saunas installed in their houses, and sweat ever day. You lose other minerals that you need when you sweat, so a replacement program me of vital metals is a good idea. I saw many people recover from OP poisoning at the hospital I was in, in London. It takes years not weeks, but it does work.

    I was poisoned with PCBs on my father’s farm as a child. The effect of sweating saved me. I noticed that in tropical places I felt better. I didn’t know why. Twenty years later I found out that it was sweating that was pulling the poisons out.

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