Undercover Journalist – Plans In Place To Evacuate London In Event Of Olympic Catastrophe

Hi Tap, I prepared a few e-Mails on Topical Issues to send, but during their preparation I came across the fact that a Journalist ‘Infiltrated G4S, & actually applied & was accepted, for training, as one of the ‘ZION’ SECURITY STAFF at The Olympics. 

He then approached MAJOR NEWS NETWORKS, but was told there was a Blackout on this type of information.  [WASP:-  ARE THES PEOPLE ALREDY BRAIN DEAD?]

 G4S security staff have been caught doing drug deals while in training with no retribution. Uniforms have also been handed out to unauthorized personnel as well as uniforms being stolen. G4S staff have also been caught taking photographs on their cellphones of secure locations.

Media Whitewashes Olympics Security Scandal

 June 28th, 2012  Robert

Revelations about casket linings, plan for evacuation of London blacklisted
By Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, June 28, 2012
British news channel ITV has whitewashed the Olympics security scandal by failing to mention the explosive revelations of ‘Lee Hazledean’, an undercover journalist who infiltrated G4S, the world’s largest security provider, and blew the whistle on how 200,000 casket linings have been prepared for a terrorist attack that could prompt the evacuation of London.
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The ITV report focuses on comparatively tame “security breaches” such as improper training of employees and their failure to conduct sufficient vehicle checks in preparation for the London Olympics which begins on July 27.

The report also reveals how sniffer dogs tasked with finding explosives have not even been trained in bomb detection. It also highlights how lorries and vans belonging to contractors have not been adequately searched.

The report also reveals how sniffer dogs tasked with finding explosives have not even been trained in bomb detection. It also highlights how lorries and vans belonging to contractors have not been adequately searched.

– Hazledean was able to get the job of a security officer via a simple application process. No background checks were carried out and his personal references were not checked.

– Hazledean was successful in taking guns, knives and explosives through both metal detectors and body scanners on numerous occasions during dummy runs.

– Hazledean was told that metal detectors and body scanners would be deactivated at peak times in order to get crowds into the Olympic venue quicker.

– Hazledean was also informed that 200,000 casket linings that can hold four dead bodies each have been shipped into London in preparation for the Games.
– Thousands of foreign troops under the auspices of the United Nations have also been brought into London.
– Plans for an evacuation of London in the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack have been discussed at great length. G4S employees were briefed on the evacuation plan to a greater extent than the time spent on training them to conduct security screening.

Not a single one of these revelations appeared in the ITV News piece. Other news networks like Channel 4 refuse to cover the story at all.

The ITV REPORT, failed to mention that system was designed to fail.

There are also going to be PREDATOR DRONES CIRCLING OVERHEAD,so lets hope the are not controlled by G4S Security Staff!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of whistle-blowers, this chap was fired from his job as an intelligence officer of 17 years for telling the truth about the 7/7 and 9/11 false-flags.

    His views were ‘incompatible’ with the ‘government narrative’ and has been fighting the (complicit?/corrupt?) court system:


  2. Anonymous says:

    The Voice… The SECRET – Must View and Share!



  3. Notez les pyramides maçonniques et le compas et l’équerre sur les tours d’un décor : franc-maçons + Sion sur le logo !

  4. Julia says:

    Evacuation of London is starting to sound like ww2. WW3 is being planted in our minds subliminally. Constant war reminders, whipping up of nationalistic fervour, sirens (ambulances) constantly aas a background noise, noisy planes circling low day and night, water shortages, power cuts, economic collapse, the union jack printed on everything everywhere.
    How much of this is real, and how much is mind manipulation I do not know. But it is wise to be aware that many of these things have NOT happened yet, and may only be able to happen with mass support.

  5. humanati says:

    I thought he sounded unconvincing & contrived.

    I am now beginning to suspect we are are being played in order to discredit the idea of false flag attacks & the people who try to make others aware?

    But I do still think they want to inflict trauma on us debt slaves in the near future because they are getting desperate & they either got to break us or they know they’re going to prison.

  6. Tapestry says:

    That’s the story, Humanati. There’s a big wind-up going on. The chances are that if there’s a major false flag on its way, the wind-up would not be happening.

    The wind-up suggests something else is being planned or is actually happening.

    I observe that the skies are being closed to sunlight with aerosol clouds. That’s dramatically cooling the climate.

    They failed with AGW. Now they’re going for AGC. That combined with Vitamin D deprivation, and toxic poisoning of hundreds of millions in NATO countries will accelerate the rate of death, reduce the supply of nutrition, and as a whole will be used to justify the open world government as a totalitarian state.

    Why worry about possible attacks when we can see a real one going on each day in the skies above our heads.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Latest on R M N, the incident will be on the Red tube line.
    The area, Hackney and Lee, Hackney Marsh.
    Date 27 July.
    Did not realise the tube went under the Stadium.
    This may fit in with other previous comments.

  8. Tapestry says:

    R.M.N. ?



  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Rumor Mill News, gives this latest information.

  10. Tapestry says:


    Is it just a rumour?

    Or is there an unauthorised leak?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Just read on R M N, that American students took over control of a Drone aircraft, for a prank.
    If this is true, the biggest radio has the last chance.
    Little wonder there are anti aircraft guns guarding the Olympic stadium.

  12. caz says:

    Ben Fellows – although he has been diagnosed with pericarditis (a serious heart condition) and fibromyalgia (a serious pain condition for which he takes pharmaceutical heroin) is going to fly a powered paraglider or paramotor across Russia, into Siberia and to the Bering Straits, then across the Bering Sea to Alaska.
    Unfortunately he claims he is going to raise money for Leonard Cheshire Disability, one of the Work Programme subcontractors, chairman banker Ilyas Khan.
    For the Ben Fellows story:
    The London 2012 olympics:
    For the Work Programme story:

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