Opening The Murdoch Can Of Worms

Sent in by K Field…..a brave attempt to open a can of worms.
It has been established that Murdochs News International had been hacking phones across the nation for years, and gathering info to blackmail politicians and others, 5 British prime ministers and all government ministers were said to be in fear of him, as his newspapers had shamelessly filled the papers with ‘non news’ and cheap celeb stories pornography and football nonsense. 
This meant Murdoch pulled strings on British international policy, foreign wars, the 7/7 bombing and 9/11.
But his telephone hacking, and internet snooping was not confined to just Britain, and also Canada Australia and the USA, such corrupt figures as Hilary Clinton and John McCaine were said to be totally owned by Murdoch, in fact people everywhere he owned newspapers.
Murdoch pulled the strings behind all British politicians and decided who would succeed and who would not, one who did succeed was a postman named Allan Johnston who was catapulted to health and education minister to Home Secretary.
When Tony Blair came to power with Murdochs backing, the teachers union and royal mail union the CWU paid huge sums to the Blair election campaign, the Royal Mail interfered with large numbers of postal votes to swing this and the queens country estate at Sandringham is serviced by Kings Lynn sorting office, and among huge quantities of mail opened was that of the royal family, particularly that of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, when the king of Jordan came to stay at Sandringham, his diplomatic bag in the Kings Lynn office was opened and read.
The corruption managerial theft and sexual and racial harassment was so endemic at Kings Lynn sorting office that the local MP Henry Bellingham who was also having his mail opened, spoke on afternoon TV about how totally rotten the Kings Lynn mail office was filmed in the House of Commons and was seen across the nation.
The Kings Lynn police station was the subject of a long secret investigation by Norwich, Cambridge, and particularly Lowestoft senior officers, and an appalling catalogue of police misdemeanors including listening in and watching solicitors briefings of suspects.
Rothschild operative Peter Mandelson made promises to keep the royal mail a closed shop if they helped get Tony Blair into power, but when he was safely in Mandelson demanded they get rid of 30,000 staff. The mail people insisted on postmen signing over medical records which is highly illegal, and these were used to slide men out of their jobs prematurely, many of those who resisted were extremely harassed, ‘fitted up’ and sacked to avoid redundancy payments.
Allan Johnston knows where the bodies are buried, and such people like Blair Cameron Milliband and Mandelson are totally rotten apples, wars on 5 Muslim countries were planned from a long way back, and activists masquerading as Muslims in Britain would agitate and get people to support the unlawful wars we see now.
The murders of Dr.David Kelly who was about to whistleblow, politician Robin Cook who spoke out against the dodgy dossier and the Iraq war and princess Diana who was about to marry a muslim this was all anathema to the Zionist controllers of Britain and its monarchy, and all were killed off, these are among a long list of people Murdoch helped to murder, and used his police and MI 5 apparatchiks to hide up and fudge evidence.
5910357995_09df4860b7FOLLOW THE MONEY Rupert Murdoch with his newspaper monopoly and huge interests in TV internet and radio, was not just using his lackeys to hack phones and reading email and opening letters in England but right across the world, and this very expensive operation was subsidised by the Rothschild and Oppenheimer families for Mossad in Israel
K Field. investigator
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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Have you ever noticed that Rebekah Brooks looks as though she could be a relation of Rupert Murdock.
    Have you noticed how Women are being promoted into Jobs usually done by Men. I have nothing against Women, but are unsure about Uranians.
    If Rupert was to give the edge to Uranians, obviously they would be pleased, and be more easily controlled than Women or Men.
    I am still trying to work out why so many Top Women were in New York at the time of 9-11.
    Where were these Women, Rebekah Wade, Miriam Cleg, Lena Trudeau, Bernadine Dohrn, Samantha Cameron, Vicky Huhne, and Heather Mills.

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