NHS Tests Population For Chemtrail Penetration For NATO

Chemtrails. NHS takes the piss.

JULIA writes The Daily Ramble -

Persistent cough scare...
An NHS ad in the paper says you may have lung cancer if you have had a persistent cough for more than 3 weeks! They are trying to herd everyone into hospital for tests. Someone on Facebook commented that when she was in hospital they were taking urine samples but with no names! They just want to know a general picture of what's in people's bodies. They may also be trying to get more people to have cancer. All they have to do is tell you you have cancer, and that's it, you have it, and then the treatment starts. 
TAP - more likely these are toxic metals tests to see how 'well' the chemtrails are doing.  They're spewing out tons of aluminum, barium, uranium and cadmium at between 10 and 30,000 feet, but how much is actually lodging in our bodies?  They need to know.  Urine tests are the normal method used to measure toxic metal levels in human beings.  Are we getting enough to give us cancer quickly enough?  NATO needs to know for Operation Cloverleaf.  They have specific targets of the numbers of people who have to die.  Agenda 21.
Herbal tea...
I cured my migraine yesterday, at work. Usually a day at work is guaranteed to make it worse. I think it might have been the huge amounts of herbal tea I drank. This is quite nice because it backs up my earlier blog post on Drinking Water.  
Your phone controls you...
Another ad: "The only controller you need is in your pocket. Hint it's your phone". There we go then. In plain view, they tell us that we are wired up wirelessly to our phone, and the control is from the phone to us. 
TAP - my experience was more of the thief in your pocket.  T Mobile charged me GBP 400 for no use at all of my phone while I was in the Philippines.  I am now using pay-as-you-go and will never have a phone contract ever again.  It's allowing thieves into your 
bank account.

Comment -  I got a free "stop smoking" pack from my chemist. I had to give my name and phone no. to get it. I was surprised to get a call several weeks later asking me to attend for a Carbon Monoxide breath test. I said that I hadn't provided one when I got the pack so any test would have no comparison. I asked as a joke if it was compulsory. "Yes it is" What happens if I don't go, says me. "We'll keep phoning you till you do". Strange thing to say. I didn't go and haven't heard from them since, but it made me wonder if they were using the quit kit as an excuse to examine lung function generally.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Remember this:


    The truth is getting out there about chemtrails. NHS staff are scared stiff of losing their jobs, but there are whistle-blowers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got a free “stop smoking” pack from my chemist. I had to give my name and phone no. to get it. I was surprised to get a call several weeks later asking me to attend for a Carbon Monoxide breath test. I said that I hadn’t provided one when I got the pack so any test would have no comparison. I asked as a joke if it was compulsory. “Yes it is” What happens if I don’t go, says me. “We’ll keep phoning you till you do”. Strange thing to say. I didn’t go and haven’t heard from them since, but it made me wonder if they were using the quit kit as an excuse to examine lung function generally.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who has a chemist? Your mean pharmacist that dispenses drugs?

  4. Tapestry says:

    UK chemist = US pharmacist

  5. Anonymous says:

    Interesting about the NHS and chemtrails, it seems all institutions serve the agenda. The NHS is a money making organisation, I used to think they were there to make us healthy and in a way they are, they do a great job at mending broken limbs and so on, but their medicines/drugs are poisonous. The banksters in establishing healthcare as “medicine” made alternative treatments into things to laugh at and in turn they received no funding from the government and we the public if we even know that there are alternatives have to pay for them. Not to mention the most important cures can be illegal, like laeatrile or vitamin B17 a cure for cancer.

    I didn’t understand why on the top of hospitals there are always mobile telephone transmitters, I know they pay hospitals to use their roof to accomodate them but they cause illness. Now I know what is going on I understand.

    Talking about your mobile phone controlling your mind, I can say that this is a certainty. I have banned mobile devices from my home and screened out neighbours phones (DECT, mobile and wifi). Before I did this I spent years of having suicidal thoughts and just hating being alive (I regret to say I wasted some of the best 10 or so years of my life living like this). I felt ill all the time and thought I had cancer but a scan proved not. A couple of years ago now someone I was with switched their phone off, prior to them doing so I thought I was developing flu. Immediately after I felt well, I looked into this on the internet and discovered I must have “electrosensitivity”. When I am close to mobiles etc I go back to my old self, not so suicidal as I understand that those feelings are not from me.

    I hope and pray that the truth about this comes out soon as their next step in the arsenal against life are smart meters which they are about to install where I live. I may end up after all this having to commit suicide.

  6. Tapestry says:

    You can use videocassette tape to absorb emf’s. carry a cassette tape and the magentism draws the emus away from your body. wear a hat filled with video cassette tape (sown in). same effect.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou for your suggestion, I have spent a long time reading about electromagnetic radiation since discovering I was very sensitive to it’s negative effects and I have never come accross this idea. I was sceptical, but I found a video cassette tape and unscrewwed and unwound all the tape. I have an RF meter from EMFields, model AM-10 with a frequency response of 200MHz to 8GHz. It is a fantastic device and it converts the frequencies it picks up into sound, I switched it on and it picked up all the radiation comming into the room (not high as I have shielded most out) from my neighbours wifi, their DECT phones and from phone masts not too far away (it sounds horrid and very stressful, you can see it in action on youtube and hear sample sounds at http://www.EMFields.org), I buried the meter in the tape so it was totally covered but the sound did not dimminish, there was no change. When I do the same with aluminium foil the sound disappears and I can hear the faint tick of the machine. I can only conclude that video tape does not absorb the radiation that is the most damaging in the spectrum. Aluminium foil used to line a hat would work and I have purchased a headnet made from silver coated fabric which is comparable in its shielding effectiveness and used this to cover my head from the back of my neck, over my ears and over my forehead covered my a scarf, but I still feel depressed when I have to go into a space where RF is high, like in the town shopping. I suppose it would not protect me fully as the rest of my head is unprotected and so the waves simplly pass through my face to my brain. However one good thing about wearing it is that without it I used to feel a “burning” sensation from the surface extending into my skull when passing by a RF emitting device like phone radiation from someone close by making a call, which depending on the intensity and duration could last and hurt for hours and now I don’t feel it. I would wear it as intended but my face is barely visable and so I feel I shoudn’t at the moment. I have made clothes to keep it away from by body as I feel very ill and get alot of stomach and abdominal pain.

    Smart meters are very very bad news, mobile phones are very bad, but smart meters as I have been reading from people who have had experience with them are like the mobile phones much nastier bigger brother. People who happily use a mobile and don’t experience burning when they put their phone to their head and would probably doubt the truth about what I am saying are having a bad experience when smart meters are installed. The most common complaints are sharp pains in their body, head pains, nausea, shaking, insomnia and heart palpitations to name just a few. In the US people are outraged and demanding their analogue meters back. These meters are desroying lives and what about children and animals who don’t understand. Plant life dies near cell phone towers, bees can’t find their way back to the hive.

    People like myself with electromagnetic sennsitivity (ES) should be listened too, we are the canaries in the coal mine. People (and all life) are being damaged. ES can develop in people, Brian Stein who runs ESUK a support group developed it after using a mobile since the 80s and now he is so badly affected that electrical appliances make him ill (I am still fine around them). The whole wireless industry has been coldly calculated to cause as much disruption to living cells as possible and we need to wake up to this control grid being imposed increasingly faster around us. It is all designed to work together, haarp, microwave frequencies, chemtrails, fluoride etc…all to the detriment of life.

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