Joggers Falling Ill To Chemtrails

Hi Tap,        
I’m looking forward to Wasp’s forthcoming post on Chemtrails, in a week or so.      
Meanwhile I have been wondering if the cause of my daughter-in law’s illness this past week may have something to do  
with chemtrails.  She likes to keep slim and fit so goes out running 3 or 4 times a week.  However, she has been laid very
low recently with a nasty infection in her trachea.  The GP told her it was not uncommon for runners to be afflicted with chest
and airway type infections.  So it got me wondering why this seemed to be the case.  I guess runners would probably inhale
more deeply and more often than an average walker, but if the air quality was okay I don’t see why it should be a problem for 
runners in  particular.  So maybe the air quality is not okay?  That got me thinking about chemtrails.  I wonder if anyone who  
reads your blog pages has had or knows others who have been similarly afflicted.  Could it possibly have something to do with    
chemtrails I wonder.
I found Julia’s recent piece on ‘common purpose’ interesting.  It also made me think of that other word they are shoving into 
our heads at every available opportunity now. i.e. the ‘collective’  They, the PTB don’t like individuals.  It’s all about group think  
and group speak.  We are being herded for the forthcoming cull.          


TAP – Run in an air conditioned gym maybe.

WASP wrote –

I will do a Post in a week or so, regarding the real Purpose Behind CHEMTRAILS, it’s a Case of Killing ‘MANY BIRDS WITH ONE STONE’, but the main Purpose has far Deeper Implications. It’s ‘Pure Science Fiction’ but unfortunately it’s True.


Some, will never believe it!

But then who would have believed that any Country would use an Atomic Bomb on it’s own People, or even use them in Radiological, & C. & B.W Experiments as Britain & America Have Done, to Military Service Personnel.


Hi Tap,         
Thank you for posting my email regarding my comment/query about runners/joggers and chemtrails. 
I would like if I may to reply to Twig’s comment in the comment box.  No Twig my daughter-in-law doesn’t    
run in a city enviroment.  We live in a seaside town in East Devon, our ‘DiL’ runs mainly from her and our son’s      
home in the rural/countryside some 2 miles into and through the town (not that much traffic) across the sea front/esplanade and   
home again via the quiet back roads.  I am guessing Twig that you might be wondering if traffic pollution could be a factor? If that is the case then I can only say that DiL’s contact with traffic whilst running is fairly minimal.  Though traffic pollution cannot be entirely ruled out I would say.                
I recall writing via the Tap Blog not that long ago that I have never seen Chemtrails in our area.  However, that’s not to say they   
can’t be blown here by the wind.  It is a valley area here, so I’m guessing that anything that may be blown our way could possibly hang about for quite some time in the valley. 
The big problem I have with chemtrails is that they would be totally indiscriminate. Ultimately the PTB all breathe the same air as the rest of us, so why would they shoot themselves in the foot, so to speak?  I’m hoping Wasp’s forthcoming post on the subject may help shed some more light on the subject.  Just one final thought about the elite and chemtrails,  I know these evil crazy elite don’t think like the rest of us.  They believe they are pretty much immortal as they shift from one body to another, seems to sum up their wacky beliefs.  So therefore it is possible they are prepared to take a few hits resulting from chemtrails because they believe it won’t be a real death for them.  That would go some way, to me at least, of reconciling the seemingly ‘indiscrimate nature’ of chemtrails.        
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  1. Twig says:


    Does yr daughter in law run in a city environment?

  2. Julia says:

    Ihave been discussing on Facebook the possibility that chemtrails target some people more than others. It is a combination of the chemtrails and something else within you. Possibly your blood type. It seems that Rh+ is affected more than Rh-. I am Rh-, and I have been wondering for a long time why I don’t seem to get affected, apart from the sun being blocked from me. I spend a lot of time outdoors, and feel healthy from it. Indoor pollution and roads and machinery is far worse for me. I am not sure about the blood type thing, but it is certainly a possibility.

  3. Julia says:

    Interesting about the use of the word “collective” Gillian. I did not realise TPTW were using it. I have been using it myself a lot to refer to collective thought and collective actions. If a lot of us all do or all think similarly, it has an effect. I also believe there is a collective thought out there which we all contribute to and receive from. I also believe we are unique.
    I am guessing that TPTW are using the term slightly differently, as you say, to herd us. They like hijacking the best words and tweaking them a bit to send us off down the wrong path.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m writting to support your idea that it is chemtrails causing breathing problems. I am a cyclist and a pedestrian (I do on drive or take public transport). I live in Northamptonshire and whenever I go out I always see either chemtrails being formed or the result of chemtrails having been formed.

    Night time I have found is the best time to view chemtrail evidence as it either falls more then (I think this is true, perhaps something to do with the suns charge?, I don’t know) or it can bee seen better with a torch (type chemtrail fallout or chemtrail dust into youtube).

    I have inhaled this stuff through masks and you can feel it cooling and irritating your throat and nose. I was on my bike at night going through the coutryside where the surrounding town and village had only some “fallout”, the countryside had so much it was flying into my eyes making them sting and preventing me from getting enough oxygen. It distorted the beam of my torch so much I could barely see through my sore eyes, it scared me so much I have promissed never to cycle at night until they stop this.

    I hope this helps you, look online for a really good mask, I think we need one for vapours as we are dealing with nanoparticles.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its the radiation from Fukushima.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrails have many functions – all hostile to us. Think of it as warfare. 1. weather modification 2. atmospheric conductivity for HAARP transmissions and microwave weapons 3. inducing disease. 4. causing failure of crops etc. The ptb know about it, facilitate it and block mainstream reporting. How do they escape the health effects? They have high level medical facilities which are unavailable to the majority – even under expensive private health care. Example: sound wave treatment which neutralise pathogens and blood cleansing treatments.

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