Italian Judge. Autism Is Caused By The MMR Vaccine.

What are the chances you will read this information about autism being caused by the MMR vaccine in an Italian youngster in the mainstream USA media, e.g., TV, newspapers, magazines, online? How about nil!

Reporter Sue Reid of the U.K. Daily Mail posted online June 16, 2012, an article detailing the outcome of the Valentino Bocco court case wherein Judge Lucio Ardigo adjudicated that Valentino’s autism was caused by the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine he received at nine months of age. [1]

I do not believe I can do Valentino’s story the justice that both Judge Ardigo and Reporter Reid gave it, so I defer to them.  I ask that my readers click on this link to read the details
Coincidentally, Valentino’s decision reminds us of the Hannah Poling case in the USA wherein the vaccine court ruled the vaccine she received ‘somehow’ caused Hannah’s autism.  However, the U.S. vaccine court couldn’t make up its mind about mitochondrial involvement.
Please share this information with your email buddies and folks you network with, as the media in the U.S. definitely plans on ignoring this important vaccine news, I think.  Isn’t it apparent that the U.S. media are in the clutches of the FDA and Big Pharma?  Where’s our free press hiding on this one?
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