Is That A Pig Wearing A Crown? (At 2 Minutes)

Dear All,

It seems that The Daily Mail over the past 18mths has been on some sort of increasing measure of
putting out Alternative Information.

At times, I feel am reading articles from Red Ice Radio or Infowars…

What got me was the following article with the core person of the article & this E-Mail – the BBC Head Reporter for ‘Tech Business’  – Katia Moskvitch:

I just thought it was typical goings on within the BBC until I saw this article by Ms. Moskvitch, this morning on the Beeb Website:

So, rather than the Beeb having Ms. Moskvitch out of the public eye just 7days after serious allegations made about her conduct are mentioned
in a UK National Newspaper they have on the Home Page of the Site an article by her..!!

The other strange thing about Ms. Moskvitch work being in my opinion, it’s pure Military-Industrial Complex ‘worship’.
This being a prime example of her interview with what I view as a rather shadowy type of Gentleman:

Yet, what made me laugh was possible hidden ‘inside joke’ within the following report done by Ms.Moskvitch.
Now you’ve got to really pay attention as it’s visual….

I recommend you make a copy of the following Video before the BBC decide to take it off realizing they’ve been
too obvious in attempting the subliminal stuff:  Things to look out for are…

Is that a Pig wearing a Crown at 2mins : 52secs then again on the Illustration on the Office Wall at 2mins : 57mins – 3mins : 21secs

Look for the name on the Street Sign at 4mins : 12secs then a ‘Smiley Face’ street art on a Tree straight after..!! 
As Saul Klein is speaking he uses the word “reborn” then it goes to another Street Sign with the same name this is seen at 4mins : 37secs
If any of you plan to put this on your various sites, I recommend that you make a mirror or copy again before the Beeb take it off.

I would like to thank Jay Weidner for his work in exposing the hidden messages within the work of the departed Motion Picture Director –
Stanley Kubrick. Numerous Interviews are available on YouTube with Mr. Weidner talking about his research & findings but the most ‘in the zone’
or complete being the following:

If you have any feedback on this E-Mail, please feel free to Cc: everybody included as it’s about an exchange of information.
These views aren’t my own just what I’ve discovered especially the interesting editing of the BBC.

Additional Information: 
The Twitter of Katia Moskvitch – @SciTech_Cat

Also, Ms. Moskvitch rather interesting Google+ Account –  

Many thanks for reading this & let what’s hidden preventing our development come forth to the majority.
Progression is the key.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Williams
Liverpool [UK].

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