Is Carrington A Pilgrim?

Hi Tap,

Many thanks for the time you have taken to provide people with an honest and erudite approach to information. The Tap blogspot has been a favourite of mine for some time now and thanks to your hard work it has become a welcomed no BS daily read for alot of my friends also.

Tonight I followed a link within your site to:
I found the article a compelling read and at times I could of easily mistook the pilgrims for The hidden Hand, the similarities are quite profound; I’m sure you could connect the dots quickly yourself. Whilst dissecting the article and researching the info real-time I stumbled accross this:,_6th_Baron_Carrington

The above makes for an interesting reading under the heading of ‘Later Career’ with respect to the Pilgrim article your site links to. 

Sorry if I’ve pointed out something you were already aware of.

Adios for now & I hope you keep on writing.

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TAP. Terry, I’ll pass on your compliments to the writing fraternity who send in interesting things to publish.  I had wondered if Carrington’s suppression of military intelligence pre-Falklands War had been deliberate.  The naval attaché is Buenos Aires sent reports of a coming Argentinian invasion for months.  I saw a BBC documentary made in the Falklands in which locals kept saying an invasion was coming, and was Britain going to react.  I never saw it again.

He the went on to Chair the Bilderberg Group.  The family name was Smith until they made money, a bit like the Rothschilds, who were Bauer or farmer.  Once you’re rich you get a posh name, and no one imagines how the money might have been acquired.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Incase you wonder about the hidden hand:

    See how many other big players like their pictures to be painted with only one hand visible!

  2. wasp says:

    Yep, he is another one of those ‘PESKY KNIGHTS’, & was portrayed by Michael Caine in ‘A Bridge Too Far.’

    Look back at past Posts I have sent in. It is good to see that other research is being done to unearth these Clandestine Controllers.


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