Internet Being Cut Off In US and UK. Second Attempt!

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Glastonbury Is in the Olympics…

The Opening ceremony will have some over the top display of England’s “green and pleasant land” (William Blake), which will include a model of Glastonbury Tor as one of the main features. Just in case you are in any doubt that Glastonbury is a very significant place.

Lalibela, Ethiopia…

Is rumoured to be the home of the ark of the covenant. It is also modelled on Jerusalem with very similar names. And it is twinned with Glastonbury! What a peculiar coincidence!

Internet going under in US?…

My Facebook friends in Ohio and Georgia are reporting increasing disruption on the Internet, and are expecting to be completely cut off before too long, as more satellite providers disappear.

School security…

I popped down to my local primary school today. Big security gates with entry phone system. In days gone by, it was never locked, you could walk through at the weekend as a shortcut! I eventually got in, (how much of the secretary’s time does this take up? ). When I left, I found I couldn’t get out! I had to reach through the gate to press the button again to get the intercom. It struck me that the children are sealed in like a prison. If there was some danger to get away from, how could they escape? And if someone wanted to hold people in, they could do quite easily.

TAP People in my office are saying their internet is increasingly being cut off. Leased lines are available at GBP 56,000 a throw plus GBP 1000+ a month. Otherwise the BT exchanges are on their last legs. Companies are closing down in the local towns saying there is no viable internet connection, and moving to cities, where leased lines cost GBP 2,500 connection and about GBP 750 a month. Soon only rich people in cities will be able to get online.

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