World Banker Makes Stunning Confession

Hi Tap, w/r/t The Latest Ben Fulford Communique, it has been suggested that Fulford is a Fraud, I don’t entirely agree with this statement, as it is not a Mono Chrome  stuation,  it must be viewed  in a wider context, as not everything that Fulford says has been Rubbish, he is Treading a Very Careful Line in my opinion. He was a Mason,he was also Educated in  a Jesuit College,& used to  work for a Jesuit Controlled Media Source i.e. FORBES MAGAZINE, he is also from one of the Elite Families, His Grand Father was a Business Partner of Rockefeller’s. 

The White Dragon Society & The Yakuza do exist, They are not a figment of any one’s imagination.
A little known fact, that I have mentioned on several occasions, regarding The Holocaust of European Jews, is that they Refused to Hand over their Gold to The European Royal Families, who  needed to Monopolize The Worlds  Gold in order to implement The ‘Breton Woods’ Plan, which ultimately allowed them via the Banks & the uncontrolled printing of money, to bring us to where we are now Economically. To introduce a Cashless Society & Thew New World Order & Population Control via Agenda 21, & The United Nations.
The Jews who operate the Banking system, have allegiance to a much higher deity than that of being Jews, As they are SMOMS,which has very little to do with God, as it is often referred to as the church of Satan. It should be remembered that Hitler & Stalin were part of this Plan, Hitler having been trained at the Tavistock Institute, & a Product of Mind Control, via an Early MK- Ultra Programme. & Stalin was a Jesuit Priest, with his side kick who operated the Gulags & Death Camps
It should also be remembered that many of the Top Ranking Nazis were Jews & SMOMS, Hitler himself was a JESUIT. all this stuff is searchable within the Blog.Hitlers Controller was Bormann, a high ranking Illuminati Agent.
If you look at the Black Nobilities Cabalistic Structure, it will immediately be obvious that their MATRIX Encompasses  everything. They have had over 800 years to perfect it, and at first it is difficult to see how they will ever loose their Power, but what must be remembered is the World Financial Shift that is occuring, & happening at a far greater speed than many would like to admit.
Fulford is no fool,  & realises this, so its not just optimism on his Part, to exemplify the point I am making I would suggest you look at this video, which explains the point in Great Detail :- WORLD BANKER MAKES STUNNING CONFESSION, But not just any Banker
James D. Wolfensohn President of The World Bank. 1905 – 2005
The IMF Predicts that CHINA’s ECONOMY will out strip U.S’s by 2016

This is why The UN has Advanced it’s Killing Programme  Dr, Rima Laibow Explains how :-


And here is a Public Information Film, about your ‘STRAW IDENTITY’ I couldn’t find the other day when commenting on Bank of England Stuff. 

Someone intimated I had sipped from The Nazi Cup of Knowledge, having mentioned Eustace Mullins, although I mentioned several other references that weren’t commented on viz Prof. Carol Quigley, & Dr. John Coleman.


TAP – hotmail blocked the video saying it was unsafe.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, those that call themselves “jews” today worship Satan, but not because they are reprobate children of God (YAHWEH), but because they are in fact Canaanites. Baal and Molech worship etc was their norm. The Edomites (who are offspring of the race-mixing Esau) overtook Judea around 100 years before Christ. The Herod dynasty was Edomite….research it…it is a fact. It was these Edomites that Christ warned the true Isrealites to stay away from. The families of true Isreal went north over many centuries to form the families of Europe, mostly before the time of Christ. Christ only came for the Lost House of Isreal. He did not come for Esau. Research what the Scriptures say about what God thinks of Esau and Canaanites, and what is to be the fate of these people.

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