Greeks Choose More Euro. Really?

BBC  –  World leaders hail a narrow poll win for Greece’s pro-bailout New Democracy and call for a speedy new government.

TAP – I am sure any and all elections can be rigged to order. 

Antonis Samara claims the Greeks voted to stay in the Euro.  Maybe the Germans will vote to stop supporting them.  It seems barmy to prolong the agony.

What do you think?  Did the Greeks really choose to suffer yet more idiocy from the central bankers?

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2 Responses to “Greeks Choose More Euro. Really?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not who votes that counts – It’s who counts the votes. Joseph Stalin

    You can bet the USA 2012 presidential election will be rigged too (didn’t they already decide who they wanted at this year’s Bilderberg?):

  2. Spanner says:

    It’s a shame that Greece don’t do an Iceland and just default, bring back the Drachma, devalue it to bring back the tourists and then sit back and watch Europe dis-intergrate trying to stop the inevitable split that will happen.

    Iceland seem to be in a better position, now that they have defaulted.

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