GBP3 Billion Grossly Underestimates The Queen’s Wealth

WASP writes –

There is a lot of information about The Royals regarding CANADA that the Popular Press would never Publish. Why is that then,  if HRH E2 is only a Figure Head?

I like many others at one time thought that they were a Stabilizing Influence, until I looked into it, not a very difficult Task to get the basics, the rest then follows on. It’s like when one learns Maths, you won’t understand Calculus, until you can do Algebra, then  calculus can be used  to solve a whole bag of worms,  that’s the best analogy I can think of, when reading about this stuff.

Just consider the BOE Nominees situation, HRH E2 being one of them, this covers a multitude of sins, allowing off shore investments & trading  to take place without being ever questioned. They were involved in Barings Bank, & JP MORGAN who are currently being investigated. We must not forget The Insider Trader Issue THE CROWN JEWELS, but I think the figure they give of £3 Billion for Investment Portfolio is a gross underestimation.

All this stuff is searchable within the Site, if you are interested.

I don’t think most of The MP’s know what is going on, when someone like Gove Suggests Buying HRH E2 a New Yacht, the man is a complete idiot, just look up what she is worth.

Charles it would appear has more than a Minor Role where The United Nations is concerned. THEY QUAKE IN THEIR BOOTS WHEN HE SPEAKS AT THE  U.N.

He is also very closely associated with many so called Environmental Issues as well as  

‘THE SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES’ & AGENDA 21′ I beleive.& we all know the implications related to these. controlled EXTERMINATION via GM Modified Crops, & Du Pont etc.

From past Posts I have sent in, you will note they are very near the Pinnacle of Power, THE PILGRIMS being the most obvious, & also THE COMMITTEE of 300, I would draw your attention to the fact that many of those who fervently extol the virtues of Royalty & the wonders they have done for Our Country have never even heard of these organisations, what they stand for or their purpose. 

Their one purpose is to consolidate their position with regard to ABSOLUTE POWER. All the Royals of Europe decided this after the DEATH of The World Greatest Drug Dealer VICTORIA. They can be held accountable for the Deaths of Countless Millions & the propogation of WARS, for PROFIT, which are still being Waged Now, & they are still planning more.

They have ensured the destabilization of most of The World by building on inter-rivalries of Peoples within the New Countries Borders they constructed this has been dealt with in Previous Posts, just consider ‘RHODES’ if you doubt it.

One thing you should never loose sight of:-



HOW DID THEY GET IT – Simple, they Stole It.

The Greed of these people astounds me, but the Naievity of those who can’t see The Wood from the Trees Amazes me Even More, & they are the ones who  support this Rotten System.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course under the Queen’s Oath she is obliged to carry out defending law that is written in the Scriptures annd the Gospel only. As far as this goes she owns assets ON TRUST for Her subjects. She does not own them herself in person. Thus she is meant to own nothing, just as the original monarchs of Isreal were meant to own nothing. Of course this is the fantasy world, and the reality is that she, along with Her forebears, have given Royal Assent to many laws that are in conflict with the Laws of the Scriptures, as well it seems that it is accepted by the public that the Monarch owns assets in allodum…including all underlying land rights of the Commonwealth countries.

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