Filipinos Being Forcibly Micro-chipped In Their Own Homes

This commentator’s over the top, but the material he’s commenting on seems genuine.  Two men from a provincial area in the Visayas describe soldiers forcing the people in their barangays to be microchipped.  They describe it all with sub-titles added.  They say they are overpowered in their own houses, and threatened with death if they don’t comply.  Kuya is not his name BTW.  It’s the word people use to address males over there.  Once they’re chipped, the people are marked with 666 on their foreheads, which they know to be the devil’s number.  This terrifies Filipinos as they are deeply religious.  As I say, it seems genuine.  I don’t speak or understand Visayan.  Maye someone who does can comment on the interview.

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  1. Ria says:

    Did you here any thing about this when you and your family lived there ,Tap.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Sorry for delay in replying. No. This came in on a comment. It needs confirmation.

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