Doctors Know Nothing

Anonymous said…
My son was poisoned by an organophosphate ant killer when he was 8 years old. He was 27 this week and every day his life is pure hell. I am sitting by him now until he falls asleep.
He gets no medical help despite being diagnosed by experts in Btitain and the USA. IN fact our family has been demonised to the extent that we moved abroad for 6 years where he was at least treated withe respect, concern and dare I say love by the doctors who tried to help. There is little that can be done.

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Tapestry said…

Actually you can get OPs out of a human body, as long as your son can sweat. Whatever load he is carrying can be greatly reduced, allowing his nervous system to recover. Farmers that know this get saunas installed in their houses, and sweat ever day. You lose other minerals that you need when you sweat, so a replacement program me of vital metals is a good idea. I saw many people recover from OP poisoning at the hospital I was in, in London. It takes years not weeks, but it does work.

I was poisoned with PCBs on my father’s farm as a child. The effect of sweating saved me. I noticed that in tropical places I felt better. I didn’t know why. Twenty years later I found out that it was sweating that was pulling the poisons out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I strongly reccomend you Biomagnetic Pair by Dr Goiz.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doctors know nothing – except how to practiSe (a tricky word) Allopathic medicine at the behest of profit-driven big pharma corporations.

    Corporations which put profits before intentional harm to people… side-effects/symptoms such as narcolepsy:!

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