David Cameron. A Jackboot Kicking A Human Face Forever.

The newspeak pledge – from the book 1984 by fellow Etonian George Orwell

  • From Nigel Farage Facebook thread

    Cameron is bringing in non-democratic totalitarianism. Breaking up Britain’s armed forces. Sacking RAF recruits to subcontract the Air Force to kenya. French planes and pilots on British Aircraft carriers. Making us so indebted, we depend on central banks to give us mercy. He’s a banker of course. His mother’s a Levita. They own Standard Bank. Cameron was funded by the arms industry when he bid for the party leadership. Expect wars forever. And massive increases in state power.

  • Henry Curteis Interestingly cameron said his favorite book and movie was 1984. People imagined that he identified with the book’s anti-totalitarian message. Now it’s obvious. He’s with the jackboots kicking a human face forever.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap – Whose quote is that .. ‘ Cameron is bringing in … ‘ – Is that Nigel Farage saying that or someone else ?


  2. Tapestry says:

    Both Facebook extracts are TAP written. Sorry but I couldn’t copy the first name across for some reason. All kinds of communications issues this morning!

  3. Twig says:


    You mentioned on one of you previous blog articles a few years back that you had met Cameron in person.

    What was your impression at the time?

  4. Tapestry says:

    I was invited to the HoC with a Constituency Group to meet David Cameron and a few others like David Davis just after the time that Cameron won the leadership. I had been a Liam Fox supporter and was being trained to work the media for his leadership campaign! It all seems a long time ago.

    My impression of Cameron was confusion. Basically I didn’t trust him, but we still wanted to get rid of Blair/Brown/Mandelson, and thee was little choice but to play along. He seemed incredibly excited by being the new leader, and reminded me of the Senior Prefect at school.

    He tried to reassure the Party members who were there that all would work out, as if he knew he would be steering things away from their preferred course. When he caught my eye, (I am not greatly impressed by famous people, unlike many from the provinces on a big day to London), he immediately switched direction away from me.

    I always wondered what that take from him signified. I now think I know. He didn’t want anyone delving into what he really stands for, and he was aware of the need to maintain a deception, and never wants any real conversation.

    We nearly landed enough backbenchers into Westminster to get a Conservative government, but failed due to the almost deliberate promotion of Nick Clegg by cameron and the media. They are clearly both playing the same game of destroying the parties they came from, to form a new less democratic monster, as part of the destruction of the nation as a political entity.

    I had no idea at that the of the real agenda amongst the elites, but was becoming increasingly puzzled by what I was seeing, the closer I got to the top of the political game. Thanks to many tap Blog writers I eventually found out a lot of what actually goes on…but not all. There is still a lot we don’t know, and I would like to.

  5. Twig says:


    If you haven’t already read “Watermelons” by James Delingpole then I suggest you should do so.

    It’s very enlightening.



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