Chemtrails Visible In 1976 Movie

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The Rambles might start to wane as we approach the summer holidays, then wax back into being towards September, during that time I will be facing the Sun and basking in it...

The New Moon...
Where is it? Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that between the waning crescent and the waxing crescent, we have about a week around New Moon when WE DO NOT SEE THE MOON. It is conveniently "camouflaged" by the way it supposedly looks exactly like the sky unless the sun is reflecting off it. The only exception is the solar eclipses when the Moon is very obvious because it blots out the Sun. There seem to be two possibilities here, one of which we are not allowed to think about. 1). The Moon really is completely invisible on the side that is not facing the Sun. 2). The Moon is not actually there for those days. TAP. We could send up a rocket to check!

The Man Who Fell To Earth...
I could not resist the call to see this film, the first I have been interested in for many months. It seems it was made in 1976 specially for me to see in 2012! I was thinking about the film whilst reading a Moon book subtitled "The Men Who Fell To Earth". And then it suddenly turned up at my local cinema. It is part of the Olympic British London Festival thing, and had a lot of the Olympic Zion logos on display! It also had a real astronaut in it playing himself, the commander of the doomed Apollo 13 mission.

Crosses and pentacles...
Somewhere during the first half of the film, the cross hanging round the neck of the flick chick is replaced with a pentacle for the rest of the film. There is no reference to this in the script.
Chemtrails 1976...
I was multitasking big time. While trying to follow the film, I kept my eye on the skies in the background. Definite chemtrails. The film was made in 1976, probably in the USA. Of course, the film could have been edited and doctored, but my guess is that the chemtrails were around then too!

TAP You see chemtrails added into all kinds of pictures. Amsterdam airport (Schipol) has large photographs of ‘clouds’ in the KLM (Dutch Royal) business class lounge. It’s like they want everyone to think that’s what the sky looks like. I am surprised you think there were chemtrails in 1976. They’ve sprayed the world with all kinds of crap on an experimental basis for a long time, but the daily endless aerosolizing we get now only really started in the 1990s in the USA.

Remember Goldfinger. They clearly had the notion of mass spraying of civilians from aircraft a long time ago. That was nearly fifty years ago.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Spotted this video on YouTube titled Can you define sustainability? ICLEI can’t…:

    This conference is no doubt packed out with Marxists, eco-terrorists, looney-lefties, and other groups of people who think they know what’s best for us.

    The truth is, these kind of people tried the ‘Global Warming’ scam and that failed. Now, they are trying their best with the ‘Climate Change’ scam and that is a dead-end too as the Earth’s climate is ever-changing anyway.

    The latest, more sinister, avenue they want to go down is how humans are supposedly destroying the planet… which is where the depopulation agenda of ‘Agenda 21’ comes in along with chemtrails, vaccines, GMO’s… the list goes on.

    Thanks God, there’s someone with more than a modicum of common sense who is currently attending this meeting, as he mentions in this video:

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