Chemtrailing Cowards Hide Their Sprays Above Clouds

Things have moved on quite a bit in the two months I’ve been away, as regards UK chemtrailing, at least.  The long lines of trails that made grids above our heads in broad daylight, with few noticing, have mostly gone.   People finally began to take notice after the internet provided a channel for exposing what is happening in the skies above people’s heads. But the chemtrailing hasn’t stopped.

The first thing I noticed, on my return, was night-time spraying, which was visible in the mid-summer dawn at 3.30 am last week.

Then you notice murky skies when clouds clear away, and let the sun through.  It’s not as bright as it should be.  People are being deprived of sufficient Vitamin D, a vital element of human health, including our capacity to fight cancer.

The dumbos who think they’ve hidden their evil purposes from view, also spray above intermittent clouds, opening the valves when they think they’re shielded from view, shutting them off when they re-appear in line of sight from the ground.  ‘Clouds’, though, move at different speeds at different altitudes, so their handiwork becomes apparent within minutes of the plane’s passing, and their chemtrails’ unmistakeable characteristics are seen.

You really think they don’t know?

Imagine how hard these high level military ‘intelligence’ staff officers are working their tiny brains, the same criminals who are carrying out NATO OPERATIONS EVERGREEN and CLOVERLEAF to exterminate humans, as they flex and adjust these very complex strategies.  On the ground watching their trails, we can read their minds and see how obtuse are their strategies.  What a shame the people carrying out these acts are unable to see that what they are doing will eventually bring down a pile of retribution on their heads.  If they did, they would get out now while they still can, and plead that they resigned when they knew what they were being required to do.  Once the powers that be are eventually thrown out of power, the chances that a plea of ignorance will save their skins, is remote.  Spraying uranium, boron, barium, aluminum and a host of viruses for years on end over human population centers, will take a bit of explaining.  They are guilty and provably so.

If in doubt about NATO’s intention to kill human beings with chemtrails, see United Nations Agenda 21, the Agenda for the 21st Century.  It’s all explained there clear enough.  It’s just that the BBC will not publicize the real agenda, preferring to bamboozle your brain with Royal Festivals, honoring the very people who have decided to kill you.  Prince Charles has a key role in United Nations ‘environmental’ programmes.  Just imagine the kind of people these are, who lurk behind ‘royal’ and high political smiles.  You think they don’t know?

UPDATE – Unable to post this comment on my own blog!  This was it.

I should add you only need to add filters to the Buck Pal air conditioning units, and the royal bankers can breathe pure fresh air, except when they venture out of doors.  That is no doubt kept to a minimum as they must surely know that the air the peasants are given to breathe is lethal.

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10 Responses to “Chemtrailing Cowards Hide Their Sprays Above Clouds”

  1. Spanner says:

    I think that there is no doubt about the chemtrails, and although more are noticing it, spread by word of mouth and info on the internet, the majority of people seem to think that a milky blue sky is really a good blue summers day sky so cannot see or understand. Whereas before with the trails people could actually see the difference.

    What we need now, is evidence of soil, air and water tests throughout the UK and put into some sort of table that people can understand to see what extent we are being poisoned. Also we need info on where these planes are being flown from, and to try and find an insider as well.

    Only when we get this info out into the public domain, it will be too easy for government to shrug it off and ignore it or cover it up by saying it is to slow down the extent of global warming, which is what I presume is told to most of the lower ranked persons in the government and to those doing the spraying.

    Only hard evidence will get this noticed, otherwise we end up looking like conspiracy nutters.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    Since Chem Trails are not target directed, as they are subject to the winds, do the perpetrators hide while the release is occurring? I would think there are much better options to decimate the general population with much better target effectiveness. Like vaccinations, poison medicines, food, water, kidnappings, murder, and the slave trade. I may have missed a few. When I see some hard evidence that Chem Trails are real, I will become a believer. Until then, I’m on the side.

  3. Twig says:

    It has been quite windy today.
    How do they prevent the chemicals from blowing over Buckingham Palace on a day like this?

  4. Tapestry says:

    I thought you said you hadn’t seen any chemtrails down there, Twig.

  5. Twig says:


    No, I never said that. Are you confusing me with someone else?

    Anyway, back to the question, how do they prevent the chemicals blowing over the palace on a windy day such as this?

  6. Tapestry says:

    To answer your question, planes deposit saturation levels of the toxins and viruses etc on still days. As weather is mostly controlled now, these are arranged easily enough. Cloud can be eliminated or encouraged by weather modification. The toxins will accumulate in clouds if there are any, and drift to the ground and stay in the air to great altitude, as you can see when flying through chemtrailed countries.

    Wind will tend to disperse the chemtrails. I agree that the chemtrailing is done to saturation levels and could be affecting all places. All the planes are doing is resaturating the air. These are NATO operations reducing life expectancy for all human beings that live in chemtrailed countries.

    The effects of toxins are cumulative. If you have filtered water, clean and organic food with high nutritional content, and can live indoors in large rooms, your toxic load will be hugely lower than the masses who are vaccinated, fluoridated with salt, toothpaste and especially water, who sit on fire retardant sofas breathing toxic chemicals from dawn til dusk, the load will rise to the killing point.

    If you keep your toxic intake to a minimum, and have strategies to keep poisons out, such as consuming iodine to prevent nuclear injury, your chances are hundreds of times better. If you can poison the masses and live to one hundred yourself, that’s what the Illuminati term as success. And to be walking around apparently in the same environment makes t all impossible to believe.

  7. Twig says:


    Which countries are not being chemtrailed?

    Where do you get the iodine from?

  8. Tapestry says:

    Twig, I left a comment in the main post as I couldn’t get a comment through earlier.

    Asia is free but they are about to start ‘weather control’ based in Thailand, according to Tap Blog source, R Zedinko. As US redeploys around Asia it will no doubt set up wm all over the shop.

    I don’t know about rest of world, but if it ain’t there yet, it’s a-comin.

  9. Twig says:


    Where do you get the iodine from?

    Are you having trouble with captcha too? Can you disable it?

    Captcha = terGerm 101

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Twig has mentioned if it was windy, it would blow the trails away.
    Over the last two weeks I have not seen any chemtrails over the Doncaster area. Yet I have seen them over Pontefract and Wakefield which is West of us, guess what, the wind has been blowing the clouds over, and we have not seen any sun for days.
    So we are being targeted and the evil Freemasons know about weather, or create the wind to suit.
    Either way, they have changed the method, but are still doing the crime.

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