The ‘Alien Olympics’ – Allan Watt

Allan Watt Nick Pope, UFO expert, says aliens are likely to land soon to come and watch The Olympic Games, quoted in The Daily Mail. They can make you believe anything, anything at all, says Watt. Global warming. Alien landings. Whatever they choose. Or all of the above, mixed together, with the aliens coming to save us from the ‘global warming’……..

TAP – They’ve installed all the anti aircraft capability around the Olympic Games venues. The ‘aliens’ will no doubt have to take out this capability with a fireworks display on their way in to announce their arrival. Then they’ll walk over and shake hands with The Queen, all about 9 feet tall and blonde hair, bred specially for the event by genetic manipulation. They’ll win the high jump, the long jump, all running races but not the tennis. Mankind will still be better than ‘Orionites’ at ball propulsion technique.

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  1. Julia says:

    It gets more confusing by the minute, and maybe that is the purpose? Does this mean that aliens are all manufactured for the media circus? Is it another smokescreen to divert our attention from other things? Or is it a way of hijacking the alien research, which was gaining momentum, and twisting their own arguments into the whole alien thing, to muddle and redirect?

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