The Agenda For Perversion…Is All Of This Really True?

Comedian Charlie Chaplin left Londons East End and along with many other jews fled to the USA to avoid the 1914-18 war
Charlie became famous in the silent film era after stealing Stan Laurels tramp figure, his liking for underage girls meant the film studios had to give him a permanent minder and blackmailed him into being a courier for US Russian communist activities in America during and after W W II, while Hollywood churned out pro Stalinist anti German hate films which are still shown all round the world on a daily basis, and in 1953 Charlie Chaplin to avoid the threats from the Mann act which sought to prosecute men who had sex with underage girls fled to Switzerland where he lived out the remainder his life
The studios would hide the fact that Charlie Chaplins family name was Thonstein, and the 1948 Jewish encyclopedia lists him as a Jewish actor/comedian.
An arrest warrant was put out in 1978 for Roman Polanski the Jewish film director for the drugging and brutal rape of a 13 year old child, Polanski
had a reputation for this crime which was as prevalent in Hollywood then as now, and the most famous film actress this century, Marilyn Monroe  has said on record just before she died, “that thank god she would no longer have to suck jewish cock”
The talented child actress Natalie Wood was starting to whistleblow over her own Hollywood child abuse and was murdered by the studios to silence as was Princess Grace Kelly and Imogene Hassell, conjecture also includes Jayne Mansfield and many young male stars ( boychicks ) who were beginning to talk such as James Dean, the term “Shiksa” means in yiddish a whore or non Jew and these were just sex objects for the casting couch directors.
Roman Polanski also fled to Switzerland where Holywood  film studios started a campaign to pardon him and demonise the young child as a temptress.
The Hollywood film studios have always been a Jewish monopoly, and the head of Holywood films is Edgar Bronfman who is also head of the World Jew Congress, and according to FBI sources linked to organised crime and a recent telephone poll in Florida asked to name just one non Jewish film mogul failed in every case, because the jews hold a stranglehold on film television radio popular music and entertainment.
The publisher Robert Maxwell was British labour party MP and senior political activist and once claimed to party apparatchiks,
 labour leader neil Kinnock  “Would dance to my tune or he would not dance at all”
Robert Maxwell a paid informer to the Gestapo in W W II was given the name Robert Maxwell by M I 6 and used one of his newspapers the New York Daily News to pass encrypted messages from tapped phoned and mass mail intercepts, long before fellow Jew Rupert Murdoch,
and only his threat to blackmail Henry Kissenger about Kissengers alleged abuse and killing of young lads ensured Maxwell’s death on the high seas,  this lying thieving monster of a man got a hero’s burial on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, he foolishly called Kissenger a “Ben Zova” or whores son.
  Maxwells ” Black Widow fund” is a secret stash of huge wealth for fellow Jews to blackmail entrap buy off and coerce non Jews.
The case in point of comedian Michael Barrymore drugging buggering and throwing a “straight” into his swimming pool to drown and getting away with it is down to pressure from these same people.
Tom Driberg the Jewish pedophile  Labour MP who was blackmailed over his many attendences at “Pink ballets”  boys supplied from various care homes to sex parties was blackmailed to work for the KGB, i recall the horror of intel secretaries when  some time later documents secretly came back from the Moscow archivist  on his activities, unbelievably Driberg was an informer on Robert Maxwell to the C.I A  
F. B .I   M I 6   K G B.
  P K V V N ( Polish intel ) and Mossad.
The recent promotion of homosexuality, and the lessening of child protection laws and the age of consent, is for one reason,
and that is that the jewish holy books claim that a jew can rape any child or animal, as long as it is non-Jewish as they have ” no souls” and are just Goyim or animals it is not a crime.
They say you cant have a situation where to us Jews its perfectly legal and ok, and yet the law of the land forbids it, so therefore the laws of each land we rule must be changed, so all sex crimes are being down graded, homosexuality is fine even preferable now and pedophila is being gradually accepted as normal, the Pope who is also ruled by Jews  in a recent statement said “in the 1970s child sex was not seen as a crime “
Morality and ethics are now non existant, just like in Germany before Hitler came to power.
Years back informers from the Board of Jewish deputies tipped off a TV personality called Mary Whitehouse about the agenda for perversion
and she went public defending public morals, the Jew dominated press and TV had a roaring time making her a laughing stock, and not one major newspaper or magazine did not carry at least one regular  cartoon demonising her.
 The US students undergraound mag, ” R sole news” tells of the numbers of foreign young male prostitutes flooding into the country and postulates how many are carrying sexual diseases as the fashion in homosexuality increases, the mag also makes the point that the higher orders of Freemasonrylike skull & Bones and Bilderberg  has pedophile and homosexual acts as its main rites and blames the jewish influences from the old testament.
So when you wonder who pays to publicise all these gay parades gay marches gay days, gay mags and gay counseling,  gays in schools colleges and TV and films, now you know.
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Nawab Patel

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5 Responses to “The Agenda For Perversion…Is All Of This Really True?”

  1. Sackerson says:

    Time to rename The Tap Der Stuermer?

  2. Tapestry says:

    It’s a bit keen on demonisation, this piece. OK yes. There are pedophiles operating inside Hollywood, preying on young aspiring actors and actresses. But this onslaught is a bit OTT. Is it always only Jews who engage in acts of depravity? I don’t hold with that view, Sackerson.

    But then equally, should we refuse to publish things that come in, purely because they emphasise race. It’s a good idea to show that race is no issue. I mentioned to Shane Greer that david Cameron was a Jew, as his mother is Jewish, and he banned me from his Facebook friends accusing me of racism. My grandfather was Jewish, so accusing me of anti-Semitism or whatever is a bit off the mark

  3. Anonymous says:

    Banned Discovery Channel Documentary Conspiracy of Silence

    Still dont believe?


  4. Anonymous says:

    All peoples hve good and bad, but the jewish monopolisation of victimhood and destruction of free speech forces people into their old prejudices even more.

    English natinalism =bad
    Zionism =good

  5. Julia says:

    I can see that there is a group of people that are bound together in their evil by being Jewish, but this does not make all descendant Jews evil, and I think it is important not to tar everyone with the same brush. My nationality is British, and I can see why lots of the world hate the British because of what our government has done in the name of all of us.

    There are some really interesting points in this piece. But I am always pained by seeing homosexuality lumped in with child abuse. Homosexuality is consenting adults. Child abuse is abuse of children. They are poles apart. If you look into it, you will find that many, probably most, homosexuals know deep within themselves that this is who they are, and it is not a fashion for them at all. It is as god given as having size 10 feet or brown hair, and the only way to be honest to themselves is to be homosexual.To be otherwise would be to live as a fraud.

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