12 June 1898 Philippine Independence Day…..

‎12 June 1898 Philippine Independence Day

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    • Henry Curteis Sadly your slavery continues as does the slavery of all nations. While the One World Government operates in the shadows, running cartels, starting wars, creating massive debts and controlling corrupt politicians, we are all slaves whether our flags be Filipino, British or any other.
      The Philippines is held down in a state of abject poverty by a corrupt political class, a controlled media and powerful corporations who like things the way they are.   It can hardly be referred to as Independence.  It is only nominal independence.  The truth is harsh conditions for the people, who are offered few choices or opportunities.  The political system is a sham.

      If this is true, then the depths of slavery are far worse even than that –


      Ernesto writes –  Ernesto Tabujara III Sad, but true. Capitalist interests under the guise of globalism have brought about modern slavery and misery to the world. Perhaps you should join the occupy the Olympics movement in London? 🙂

      TAP – London’s a bit far off right now.  I believe those movements are created as managed opposition.

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