Why Was Britain’s Coal Industry Destroyed?

Morning fellow conspirators,

Concerning energy, Huddersfield Council in West Yorkshire (with great publicity) erected 2 large wind turbines on the roof of the council offices.

This week they took them down. The reason, it was costing more to run them than the savings made from the generation of electricity.

I would also like to lay a fact before everybody as I believe we have all been fooled. 

In 1994 the government privatised the coal industry. At that time Britain produced around 55 million tonnes of coal. We burned around 48 million tonnes for our energy use and exported the rest.

Today, after closing the majority of pits and putting thousands on the dole, devastating towns and villages and closing thousands of supporting industries we have six pits producing 6 million tonnes of coal a year.


So we closed industry, made people redundant, closed supporting industries and destroyed communities–AND FOR WHAT???.

It can’t be to stop CO2.


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8 Responses to “Why Was Britain’s Coal Industry Destroyed?”

  1. Nivek says:

    don’t worry, we’ll be closing the coal fired generating plants soon. hint CCS can’t work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, The plan is starting to appear,
    Our Government closes our mines, then because the miners have no thirst to Quench the pubs close.
    Then because they have no money to spend the local shops close.
    Then to finish the job off they stop smoking in the few remaining pubs that were hanging on.
    Then when the pubs close, they knock them down and build houses for the foreigners this Government of ours let into the Country.
    So what you are saying is the Government only look after themselves.
    How many of the MP’s wives are involved working for the Windmill Companys.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I noticed recently 2 women were empowered above the glass ceiling as MP’s now on the front line to rip the masses off.
    going on record to tell everyone:-

    so ladies (angels?) to deliver the AXE across our necks.

    (Caroline Spelman?)
    1/ WATER & WASTE is to cheap!!
    we’ve never had it so good.

    (Moya Greene?)
    2/ sending a letter is so cheap!!
    to have a letter picked up and personally delivered “its so cheap”

    now the axe is dropping we are & will be ripped again.

    day light robbery at its best if you rip-off the masses the payback is massive.


    ps not sure isf the women’s names are correct? sorry

  4. Anonymous says:

    Who wants to be a coal-miner these days?

    Perhaps when everyone has become “serf” status you will be forced to work down a mine until you drop dead from lung disease or suffocation after a cave-in.

    Most people that were sane wouldn’t work down a hole in the ground all of their life.

    If I’m going to be a serf I’d rather build windmills.


  5. Julia says:

    What are all the miners doing? They must be desperate for work, ready to travel away from home, and work for very little in bad conditions. We have had hundreds of welsh miners working here in Bath for 5 years, shoring up our mines. Supposedly. We don’t really know what went on, because all the workers are from elsewhere.
    Have you noticed how much housing development is going on? And how many roads are being dug up to put in new pipes for gas, water or sewage? Where do the workers come from. There is never anyone I know working on these things. They are all brought in from elsewhere,so we never know what is really being done.
    And the workers brought in don’t know what is supposed to be done, they just follow instructions. All compartmentalised, so we can’t get the big picture.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are you ready ?

    Exposed the 2012 London OLYMPICS, ILLUMINATI, Symbolism, NWO, Royal Family & more



  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Johns short story seems to have gone over the head of GS.
    What John was saying was that nothing had changed, and the UK was still burning the same amount of fossil fuel.
    Yet the Country was being covered with windmills, for no reason.
    Maurice Strong helped invent Carbon Credit’s, with the help of paperclip Nazis.
    The Socialist Maurice is a Multi Billionaire, made possible by buying and selling Carbon Credits.
    I believe some of the wives of MP’s are employed by Windmill Company’s. so the same MP’s are not going to tip the applecart are they.
    Come on GS, there are worse jobs than coal mining, 20 years down the mines and only got a bad chest when we started getting Chemtrailed.

  8. BRIT says:

    To get up-to date I suggest you log on to http://www.SilentMajority.co.UK/EUroRealist/Germany 1942 The title is “Europaische WirtschaftsGemeinschaft” which translates into “EUropean Economic Community” published in Berlin, 1942. Basically,it was the setup for todays EU, and the British Isles are to be de-industialised, all industy to be removed or shut down, all military to be run down and just a few farms and tourism to remain.Obviously, Germany was/is to remain the powerhouse of EU.

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