Why Is The EU Multi-Lingual?

Totally off the wall maybe?

English is supposed to be most international peoples 2nd language. or so we are told.

Apparently this is why so many British, American & Canadians etc don’t bother to take languages too seriously?

poor excuse maybe.

however as we continually get news updates from the top EEC members.

supposedly highly educated trusted & knowledgeable? & in key positions.

Oh why oh why do they have translators? is it meant as a sign of disrespect to us? 

Angela Merkel, François Hollande/Nicolas Sarkozy,Silvio Berlusconi/Mario Monti etc

if they are bi-lingual why is English not used publicly?


TAP – It would quite possible to standardise the language of EU politics to English, but that would make it accessible.  By using multiple separate languages, the nations can be kept isolated while they are destroyed.  The elites don’t want us all able to talk to and understand each other.  It keeps oppositon groups isolated.

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3 Responses to “Why Is The EU Multi-Lingual?”

  1. Woodsy42 says:

    It’s multilingual because the french refuse to speak english.
    Actually though I do understand why they have translators, when talking about a specialist subject or one with ‘jargon’ a working knowledge of the language is insufficient.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The elites are foisting English, albeit so beautiful and rich, on other peoples who have their own languages and cultures, and they want them to use English in a crippled, reduced, simplified form, thus affecting the way they think. Different languages indeed don’t help the peoples (and mankind as a whole) get united, but the main vehicle for separation is not lingual, but political, military, economic. And an introduction [forced, political etc – by the authorities] of such a wonderful and use-ready means for fair and free communications as Esperanto would not help, although it would be the best solution available so far.

    It’s only up to the free, really free, humans to select the principles and create a really comprehensive means to unite themselves lingaully, with all the values of their own cultures preserved. Only a free choice has value.

    I am a native Russian, using English professionally and Esperanto – for my own pleasure and for my life. Esperanto has proven to be a perfect [at this point of the human evolution] means to play the role of a bridge between any representative from any any language/culture.

    Andrej Pechonkin

  3. Chris J says:

    Because people speak different languages you idiot Hett-what a stupid post

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