What Use Are Labels? Power Is The Problem.

Maybe the situation is that the RC Church is now fully controlled by the Jesuits, after Vatican 2 and the imposter pope scandel – all of which I know little about. See here:
If the Rothschilds are Knights of Malta then they must be doing the bidding of the Jesuits. Or maybe the Zionists control the Jesuits, maybe they are one in the same?
The Zionists are a big part of the visable end of the drive for a OWG – but we keep reading that they are not Jewish.
Book of Revelation is striking here:
Them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews – Who profess to be Jews, but are really of the synagogue of Satan”. See the notes on Revelation 2:9. The meaning is, that, though they were of Jewish extraction, and boasted much of being Jews, yet they were really under the influence of Satan, and their assemblages deserved to be called his “synagogue.
Occult writers, covered in previous posts, have stated that they desire to kill Jews and Christians – this is part of their planned “human evolution” to a higher conciousness.
So, maybe the Jews (Zionists as well?) are being set-up, by being SEEN to be in control of much of the money and resources of the world.
Will they be blamed for everything, all the ills of the world, before their demise, along with dissenting Christians?
I don’t know how viable this theory this…I feel that the Jesuits and the Zionists must be operating from the same base, for the moment anyway.

TAP – It’s not what label you carry, but what’s in your heart.  Human beings are capable of great evil, and of great good.  All, whether from one defined group, or another.  The exercise of power is the problem.  Once people acquire supreme power, they never want to give it up.   The current problem is the identity of the powerful in today’s world is a secret.  That’s real power.  Running the world, but your name never gets into the newspaper.

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