There Is No Need For Britain To Be Short Of Water (or healthy food)

The shortage is caused entirely by an unwillingness to fix broken and cracked pipes, which is not the decision of the water companies, but the government and the EU…….

Gillian writes –

Hi Tap   
An interesting piece in yesterday’s Telegraph by Christopher Booker, under the heading:  ‘Keeping the Country Short of Water is now Government – and EU – Policy’   Here’s the link (I hope) 


One is the water companies’ failure to plug the leaks that are costing us nearly as much water every two years as is contained in all our reservoirs. The other is their failure to add to that reservoir capacity, which has barely increased in the 20 years since water was privatised, despite our 10 per cent growth in population.
What makes this particularly odd, however, is that only a few years back, the last government was gung-ho about the companies’ plans to build five major new reservoirs in the south of England alone, where the shortage is most acute, and to extend three others. So what happened to all those plans? One after another they have all been shelved or turned down altogether by the Government, as when last year our Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, vetoed Thames Water’s plan for a huge £1 billion new reservoir near Abingdon, saying that there was “no immediate need” for new reservoir building. This was only months after she had sent back to the drawing board another well-advanced scheme near Portsmouth.
Astonishingly, it now emerges, it has become quite deliberate government policy to keep Britain short of water. And the explanation for this baffling volte-face lies in a “Communication” issued in 2007 by the European Commission (COM (2007) 414 Final) “addressing the challenge of water scarcity and droughts in the European Union”.

This from Steve

Government must act to ensure a sustainable food supply
A cross-party committee of MPs calls on the government to develop a joined-up strategy to tackle the UK’s ‘unhealthy and environmentally damaging’ food system.

EXTRACT –  Committee chair Joan Walley MP says: “until there is clear public acceptance of GM and it is proven to be beneficial, the Government should not license its commercial use in the UK nor promote its use overseas.”
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good morning Bloggers,

    I believe this article is totally wrong.

    We are short of water for a few reasons—

    1/ Sometimes not enough rain, or rain in the wrong place.
    But I believe this is the rarest reason.
    2/ Too many people in the country using the water we do have.
    3/ Inefficient use of water especially in industry by using drinking water for productions that doesnt need drinking water quality.
    4/ And by far to me the most important, the extraction of limestone from the ground.

    I want to expand on *4.

    First limestone is the sponge of the earth. When it rains water soaks into the land and is stored and filtered in limestone. Over years (yes years) water soaks through and comes out in springs and streams. These go on to form our rivers. The water then goes on out to sea. A simple explanation but is basically what happens.
    But man is extracting limestone for construction of roads and buildings. And one use nobody thinks about and that is thousands of ton’s is used in Drax power station as an acid filter. The limestone is burnt and turns to gypsum, which is needed for building.
    We now have to divert water away from quarry sites hence stopping storage underground. The aquafers are steadily emptying.
    When it now rains water is fast tracked into the rivers leading to flooding. Over the last 20 years have you noticed how we have had to bank up our rivers all the time and that is only to get rid of the water quicker because we are not storing it underground. Streams and springs have dried up.
    Check out the water flow figures for the Roman baths in Bath. The water here has flowed for a thousand years. Over the last 20 years the flow has slowed down. Ask yourself are we getting less rain now than then???. Look to the hills near Bath to find massive limestone extraction going off.

    So we come back to the one problem our governments wont face —-


    thanks for reading


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well said Joan Walley MP. I’m sure she’ll get a good telling-off for that comment.

    I feel sorry for the Yanks – it is not mandatory for food companies to label GMO food products in the USA, so they don’t even know when they’re eating the stuff.

    Although, GMO’s are in many UK foods. There is no ingrediendts label on cheese. I enquired about this and was told there’s no requirement under law and that most cheese in the UK is produced using GMO enzimes.

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